Pedal Prayers' Special Great Site Award

Updated: January 19, 2018

Sometime between 1999 and 2001, my ministry website had it's own award program where I gave out the above award. The program didn't last too long and not too many people took the time to apply for it. While in operation, Award Sites! rated it as 3.0 . I think that I maybe gave the award out to four or five websites. When I went basically full-time with my evangelistic ministry in 2001, I had to give up the award program since I didn't really have the time to do a proper evaluation of a website and also I had very limited access to the internet.

I kept the award graphic in a folder. I have decided to give out the award to sites that I feel that really express the values that I have and I show on this website. It will be my decision alone and nobody could apply for it. Since I will not really have an awards program, the award will be non-rated by any award rating programs like Award Sites! and be considered as an "independent" award.

I created the award by incorporating one of the first images (a shot of a cyclist and his bicycle taken at sunset) that was used on my website close to it's birth back in 1998. The image was used in an applet that had shimmering reflection and was on the homepage. I'm not the person with the bicycle even though a lot of people thought it was me.

I actually gave out the award twice back in 2000. It took a bit of researching but I found the winners of the award. Here they are.

Buffalo Annie
(Buffalo Annie was actually the first winner of the award when my award program was first started back in 2000)

Truman's Turf
(Truman's Turf was the second winner of the award when my award program was first started back in 2000)

Here were some other winners.

Turmoils Leads To Hope (Website Closed)

Kids Celebrate Soldiers (Website Closed)

Liberated From Abuse (Website Closed)

My Relections

Noah's Dream Catcher Network (Website Closed)

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