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The start of this adventure that is still on going happened one night in the middle of February of 1993. In essence, it happened on four consecutive nights (Thursday, February 12th through Monday, the 15th). For these particular nights, one strange thing happened and that was that I had the same dream. There were no real words spoken or sounds heard in the dream but a silent image of me traveling on a bicycle.

I seemed to be the only person in the dream and my perspective was that I was seeing the scenery go by as I was cycling. There was nothing special about the scenery. It was just normal outdoor stuff from no particular place. Maybe, it could have been a culmination of places that I had been to and seen during my nearly 20,000 miles of cycle touring (accumulated between 1974 to 1992) but I wasn't able to pick out one piece of recognizable scenery when I replayed the dream in my mind's eye.

The dream didn't last very long. Just long enough to stick into my consciousness when I awoke. The thing that sort of threw me into a loop happened during the fourth night's dream session. The dream silence was broken towards the end by just one sound. A word. Two letters. "GO" .

As soon I heard that word, I woke up with a start. It was like I heard a " TERUAH " ( an awakening or warning blast from either a shofar or a trumpet). Was my dream a message from a " KERUV "(Angel)?

Coming from a religious background steeped in the Old Testament, I had read stories about the Prophets being sent forth to spread the Word of " HASHEM " (the L-RD) to the people after they had dreamt dreams, seen visions, or heard the voice of " HASHEM " (the L-RD) or one of His angels. Could this thing that had happened to me be like what happened in " SHMUEL ALEPH " (1st SAMUEL) in the third chapter where " HASHEM " (the L-RD) called " Shmuel " (Samuel) out of his service to Eli to become a Prophet? To understand why I'm using Hebrew words here, you need to read my

Something inside of me told my heart that this might be the case with me. Believe me when I say that I don't fit in the class of people who were the Prophets of my heritage. If I was the person who was given the decision to pick somebody to become a " SH'LIACH " (A Sent One) to spread a message from " HASHEM " (the L-RD), I wouldn't pick somebody like myself. I wasn't given any real special message to spread but only the knowledge that I had to "GO".


Bicyclist in Sunset


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