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Desperate times call for desperate action and I decided that the only thing to do was to try and find a place to camp out along the ocean somewhere between Santa Monica and Malibu. It was actually illegal to camp out on the state beaches in the area but it was quite dark and I found a place far away from the road and away from any lights behind a lifeguard station to camp out.

I didn't sleep much and I awoke around 4 a.m. I knew that I had to be packed up and off the beach before sunrise. I was dreading having to go through another day like yesterday. Something inside of me had me go through the papers and brochures that I had picked up along the way while only making a pinhole of light with my flashlight. What caught my eye was a pamphlet that I had picked up at a Methodist church along the way. In it was the Covenant Prayer that John Wesley had written about dedicating one's life to the L-RD's) service. It talked about giving up your free-will and choices and going the direction that the L-RD intended you to go. Part of the prayer went:

"Let me be employed by thee.
Let me be placed aside by thee.
Let me have all things.
Let me have nothing.
I freely give up all to you to do what you want with me.
What ever is ratified on Earth let it also be so in Heaven."

Another thing that caught my eye, was a copy of the poem The ROAD OF LIFE . Here were the answers to what I needed to do. I needed to surrender everything about the trip to the L-RD. When I had originally started out on this adventure, I had relied too much on what I could do myself and my ATM card. It took the robbery and it's results to show me that I would have to trust the L-RD with every aspect of this adventure. What better way to get me to realize this but to get me into a really low place in my life and then pick me up with new hope.

I still didn't think I had a clear message or path in what I was to be doing but I knew that it would be coming. At least, I had a new sense of direction. The hardest thing about the trip would be the worry about not having enough money. I had to learn that I had to do it only by "Emunah" (Faith). There had to be faith that the L-RD would provide somehow for his servants.

I needed to be content with the money that I had at the time even though it might be just a small sum. Somehow, the money that I needed would for bike repairs, food, etc. would come into my life. Even the loose change that I would find in the gutters and streets would be deemed as something that the L-RD put out in my path so I decided to call it "Road Manna".

One thing for sure is that I wouldn't outright ask for something. I didn't want anybody to think that I was just bicycling around begging for my support. The only things that I decided to ask for was a piece of grass for my tent, a place on the floor for my sleeping bag if the weather was too bad outside, water, and rides only in the case of emergencies (illness, damage to the bike that I couldn't repair myself, or bad weather). With regards to bike needs like tires, I would ask for used tires that still had some life in them that the bike shops were throwing out.


Bicyclist in Sunset


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