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So around noon on Saturday, the 27th day of March, I headed out eastward from the ocean at the Santa Monica Pier. I had about $13.00 in my wallet, a non-usable ATM card (I never worried about getting the ATM card activated), about three day's worth of food, a new front inner tube, patches still on my rear inner tube, and of course the rear tire with the sew up job on it's left sidewall.

Something happened the very next day that to me was sort of a confirmation that I was on the right track. For most of the next day, I had been stopping at bike shops that I found open on Sundays to see if they were throwing out a tire or two that was my size but I wasn't having any luck. I knew that I needed to find one soon because the desert and the mountains were getting close.

Around 4:45 p.m., I had stopped at my ninth bike shop and I got there a little before they were to close. I told the manager what I was trying to do and I asked him if he was throwing out any tires my size. He told me to wait outside and he would go in to check. I just sat down on the parking lot sort of waiting and praying and hoping that he had a tire that I could use. In what seemed to be a long time but was only about eight minutes, the manager came out with two brand new tires my size that still had the price tags on them. I just couldn't thank him enough but I knew that the real person that I had to thank was "ADOSHEM" (the MASTER OF ALL).

So this is how the adventure began. Since that day, I have actually crossed the country from ocean to ocean fourteen times, pedaled almost 211,000 miles (337,600 km), and have been in every state but Alaska and Hawaii along with three provinces of Canada. I have never really been without any money even though there were days when I had less than a dollar's worth of change on me. Also, I have never starved or been without some kind of food on the bicycle. Always, there has been enough food so that I could share with the people that I stopped to help along the way.

The name of my ministry "Pedal Prayers" came into being after about a month. I was reminded of the big prayer wheels that the Buddhists had on which they placed papers with petitions written on them. They thought that the action of turning the wheels would send the petitions on the way to their god. The faster the prayer wheels would be spun the faster the prayers would be on their way. I thought that with each revolution of my bicycle wheels there would be a prayer sent upward to Heaven. The word "Pedal" is an acronym for "Pray Every Day And Listen".

The purpose or message of my ministry took a little while longer to take shape. It wasn't till my almost arriving on the East Coast that I finally understood that I needed to live the verses of
James 2:14-26 and share them with the people that I would meet. More can be found in the "Bike Journey" section.

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