Updated: July 02, 2012

All websites must in a way have some causes that they are involved with. The first three of this site and mine are pretty well obvious. They are spreading the good news of ADONAI and Y'SHUA (the L-RD and the Messiah), promoting volunteerism, and the enjoyment of bicycle touring.

Right at the start, I would like to say that this section isn't really intended to be viewed by children because of it's subject contact. I apologize having this section here on a family-friendly site but I am compelled to write about. It is a subject that cannot be overlooked.

There's a fourth one cause that I am involved with that I really want to discuss in this section. In this world,there is a terrible sickness that affects countless thousands of children of both sexes, which is even in this country and on the WWW. That is the sexual exploitation of children.

SECTION 1 - Introduction

SECTION 2 - Federal Laws

SECTION 3 - Hall of Shame

SECTION 4 - Is Law Enforcement Doing Anything About It?

SECTION 5 - Just The Facts

SECTION 6 - Special Sites

SECTION 7 - Special Videos

SECTION 8 - Types of Child Pornography

SECTION 9 - United States Code

SECTION 10 - What Can ISPs Do About It?

SECTION 11 - What Is Child Pornography?

SECTION 12 - What You Can Do About It?

SECTION 13 - Where Is It Being Produced?

SECTION 14 - Why Is Child Pornography Widespread Now?

SECTION 15 - Why Take The Chance With Your Own Child?

The innocent victims of online child abuse cannot speak for themselves. But you can. Watch this video, then light a candle of support at to encourage governments, politicians and banks to eradicate the commercial viability of online child pornography. If you can't see the video here, click HERE

The Candle Project Against On-line Child Pornography

This section has been given the following awards.

Safe Surf - Orbit Boy Award For Protecting Kids

Informative Site on Abuse Award from ATC

Helping The Abused Award from the The Love For Children Webring

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