As the hours progressed, most of the children started to head on home but not this boy. In fact, he was the last child left with me. I was getting pretty worried. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he somehow had lost his key and that nobody would be home for several more hours. I noticed that he didn't speak very good German and he didn't know very much English either. I invited him to come back to my townhouse where he could safely stay and then I would call for somebody to come and get him.

When we got into my townhouse, the boy started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was ashamed that he lied to me. He told me that he had run-away from a bad person who was in the area. Between sobs that seemed to want to shake his whole body apart he told me his story. He had been in my neighborhood for several months but I never saw him before. I'm going to call him "Joli". Here is his

Since this website as been up on the internet, I've been doing searches on several internet service providers using the key words "boy love", "boy pic", "gay teen", "gay teen nude", "nude boy", "nude teen", and even "boy" to see what kind of child pornography sites there are. I was amazed at how many sites had nude or semi-nude pictures of boys as young as infants a few months old.

Occasionally, I go out on "search and destroy missions" missions on the web. When I first started these "missions" back in 1998, I did most of my "search and destroy missions" on YahooGeoCities. I found over a hundred sites. Some of the sites were about people wanting to buy nude photos of children between the ages of 12 and 16. There was a "Boy-Love" magazine from Germany. Several sites that had photos posted on them that showed boys as young as ten performing sexual acts on each other. These sites mostly came from overseas (primarily from Eastern Europe and Russia).

Also, I located one site where you could order "Boy-Love" films and countless other sites where the owner's exhibited candid pictures of young boys either at the beach or pools with no knowledge that their pictures were ever taken. Whenever I found a site, I reported it as fast as I could so that they can be shut down since Yahoo!Geocities has a policy against these kind of sites. I am happy to report that pretty well all of the "boy love" child porn sites have been shut down on Yahoo!Geocities. As a challenge, I hope that you will do so also or if you have seen a site with another internet service provider please report the offensive sites. Let us clean up the internet.

Not all of the "boy love" sites have boys doing sexual acts. In technical terms, this would be referred to as being "hard porn". A large portion of the "boy love" sites fall in what is called "soft porn". This type of porn seems to fall through the cracks in illegality. "Soft porn" for some reason is being protected as examples of free-speech. "Soft porn" can be as innocent of snapping a child's picture when they are at play with or without shirts on and putting these pictures into a collection for the sexual pleasure of pedophiles, commonly known as "boy lovers".

These collections could be pictures of just faces of boys. There is no age limit to how old the boys are who have their photographs collected but most boy lovers seem to cut off their interest when boys reach their early teens. I've seen collections in which some of the boys were as young as two or three.

Most generally, the collections of pictures are of boys are shirtless or in swimsuits, or underwear. Some of these pictures have been taken from sites that sell boy clothes and most of the boys are professional models. Even these pictures can be explicit because most often the boys portrayed are from other countries where the obscenity laws are not as strict.

It can take just fifteen minutes for some person to "right-click" and grab an image from an innocent site and modify it so that the child can be either be portrayed in a sexual manner or be a willing participant either in a sexual act or a viewer of a sexual act. That is why I strongly suggest that you do not post your child's photo in an open website.

It is sad to say that some children are forced into being used in pornography or prostitution because the families are desperate for either food or money. A large portion of the new pictures that have been cropping up recently come from the former Russian empire. Several arrests have been made and reported.

Boy lover photographers flock to countries where the taboos against nudity in public are not so strict. They congregate towards either to naturalist or nudist camps, colonies, or communes. This doesn't say that being either a naturalist or nudist is wrong but when these pictures are being used to benefit others this is wrong and can be considered obscene.

These photos can haunt a boy through out his life. In one case, a collector recently posted a series of photos of a young boy who was about nine years old that he took in 1964. This boy has actually grown up to be a man in his 40's. He will always be remembered as being the young boy waking up nude from his sleep and walking around his home that way.



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