Joli's Story

Joli wasn't actually from Germany. I'm not sure where he was from to be exact but I figured that he might have come from one of the German speaking countries but he did tell me that his mother was a prostitute. Joli to the best of his knowledge didn't have a father. About a year before we met, there was a man who had become a friend of his mother and him. He was pretty friendly and he offered to give the chance for Joli to have a better way of life. More than once did Joli hear from his mother that he was unwanted and he had to leave the house and fend for himself while his mother was entertaining her clients.

Joli's mother jumped on the offer to get rid of him. There might have been some money that exchanged hands. For the first three months, Joli had a great life with the man in fact he called him father. They did a lot of traveling. The man bought him new clothes and things. More than he ever had in his short life.

The good life ended when the man told Joli that he wanted to take some pictures of him. At first the pictures were innocent of Joli playing or lying around with clothes on but they then started to get more and more explicit with less clothes being worn. The man threatened Joli with force to comply with his demands.

The picture taking was just the start of the torment that Joli was put through. The man started to have sex with him. If Joli balked at the man's requests, he wouldn't eat or would be locked up in a closet. A couple of month's after this started the man brought to the house other men who Joli had to pose nude with or have sex with.

About three months before we met, the man snuck Joli illegally into Germany. Astonishingly for me, they resided just two short streets down from where I lived. I was surprised that even though we lived so close we never saw each other.

The main reason because of our never meeting was that this Joli was kept captive. Most of the time he went around nude without access to any clothes. It was to Joli's benefit that somehow he had been able to hide the pair of shorts that he had on and tennis shoes in his room. Also, all the doors and windows had locks on them.

The day that we met the man had gone away for a while but when he returned Joli would have been sent away to be rented out by another man. Joli was amazed that his window wasn't completely locked shut had he took the opportunity to escape. He happened to see us playing and he thought that he could hide in the crowd for a while.

I called the authorities to have the man arrested. Somehow, I convinced the authorities to let Joli stay with me while better accommodations could be arranged. A foster family was found who had some training in the treatment of the psychological effects of sexual abuse. I'm happy to say that Joli was adopted by the family. That was nearly twenty-eight years ago but in my mind it could have been yesterday.

That is what got me involved with this cause. I just don't want to see another child hurt by this perversity. Nearly ten years ago, I reported to the authorities a summer camp director who had been taking photographs of boys taking showers. I happened to come across some photos of different boys that were taken at an earlier summer camp season. What I hope to do know with this platform of this website is to make an all out effort to put a dent in the rampant spread of child pornography on the web.



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