Several other sites about the prevention of child sexual exploitation include a "Hall of Shame". This is a list of sites that provide child erotica, pornography, or statements that are self-justifying to prove to themselves or others that acts of child molestation are both justifiable and positive. There are no direct links to these sites. I wouldn't give the opportunity to along any boy-lover or pederast a link to one of these sites.

None of the links are finished intentionally

Boyhood Paradise - I am glad to say that this site has been closed down. This site did sell access to what it claims to be a huge stockpile of pictures of naked boys. Some of the boys were as young as five. They usually have two galleries that are rotated of free pictures from its collection that can be blown up. With others, you have to pay a fee to have this occur. There are well over a thousand pages of pictures. They are not all of nude boys because there are a lot of boys at the beach or the pool.

Boylove Kingdom - This site makes an attempt to exclude any illegal picture sites from their list, but that is not always the case. There is a huge source of picture and information links for people who are interested in adult-child sexual activity. Among these links are sites that prey upon pictures of child celebrities around the world. Some of the sites listed are supposed to have been created by boys themselves. Yeah, right!

BoyOasis - This is pretty well a clone of the above site. They are different because they add material such as spanking and also caters to the fetish crowd.

Boypics - This site was excluded from the above site because it used uncensored pictures from Usenet. These pictures includes ones that are very explicit and illegal.

Johnie Proudly Presents - Johnie is perhaps the person who is the most responsible for child erotica on the internet. In the past years, he has provided at least three dozen "projects". Most of these pictures have come from UseNet. Johnie also provides a platform for at least two "guest" photographers. Also, he hosts two rotating galleries from the Boyhood Paradise site. I am also glad to say that Johnie is going away. He no longer shows frontal nudity but he does have a collection of porn stories that has boys as young as six years old having sex with other boys or men.

There are a lot more but I'm not going to turn this site into a child pornography link list. I mentioned Usenet in several places. I was curious at what they provided and did a search on boys. I was amazed to find eight specific sections that people could check out for a fee with headings such as pictures_boys, erotica_teenb______, pedo______, sex_pedo________. In all, there were 8,478 separate articles that provide pictures. This was way hard to imagine.

One of the newest places where people share photos of nude boys (also nude girls) is on IMGSRC. This is a picture sharing site coming out of Russia. It opened up sometime in 2006 and is run by a character who calls themselves "Skinny Bravo". I'm taking it as a personal cause to personally find some way to help shut this service down.

At present, there is supposed to be a membership of around 29,000 people around the world but half of the usernames listed are closed out. Between 20 and 50 people do open new accounts each day. About half of the active account holders have folders with "boy-love collections". There is also a growing number of "girl-love collections".

Most of the photos are quite innocent in content with the boys in clothes. A lot of the photos were taken at swimming pools. A small portion of the account holders have folders that contain photos of adolescent and pre-teen youth (boys and girls) in diapers. The other half of the account holders have folders that have nude photos of boys. The average of the boys shown is around 13. There are photos of boys as young as thirteen months old.

These folders of nude photographs are supposed to be password protected so that youth under the age of 18 or non-members cannot open the folders but 40% of the folders are not password protected or the account holder provides the password on their page. Skinny Bravo does seem to have some standards since they have shut down some accounts but in my opinion they are not doing a good job at it.

The nude photographs are split around 30% for rear nudity and 70% for frontal nudity. There are quite a few collections of youth in the act of urination. Several of the most disturbing folders had or do have photographs of either an adult (female and male) having sex with a child or two children having sex with each other either by masturbation, anal or oral sex. One of the most disturbing photos was of an adult male have anal sex with an eight year old boy. The worst series of photos was possibly of a mother having oral sex with her infant son who seemed to be at least a year old. There was another boy child (possibly under eight years old) in the photo looking on. These photos were taken while the boys were taking a bath.

Let's all find a way to shut IMGSRC down.


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