It is quite important to understand the different categories of child pornography. This is needed since it can tell us something about the fantasy and sexual aspects of collecting these pictures. A result of this is the contribution of development of more effective preventative strategies. Not all of the picture types that pedophiles collect fall into the so-called "legal" categories of child pornography. Most often, the pictures can be categorized as falling somewhere on a continuum, from less explicitly sexual, through nudity, to explicitly sexual.

Category One - Erotica - These pictures do not in the most part involve either nudity or any depiction of sexual behaviour of the child. The pictures may simply be of children in full dress attire or have a more obvious sexual connotation because the children are either in their swimsuits or underwear. Advertisements of children showing off new clothes is a good example of this category. The inappropriate possession of these types of photographs can probably indicate an adult's interest in children but neither its production no possession is illegal.

Category Two - Nudity - This is a pretty broad category. Pictures that come from a nudist publication fall into this category. Even though nudism is a legitimate activity of course in that context, it can be argued that such pictures can be considered as being appropriate.

However, their presence outside of that specific context is again an indicator of an adult's sexual interest in children although possession of these pictures might not be illegal. A category called "Covert photographs" may also fall into this category since it involves nudity. There are many thousands of photographs of very young children or toddlers on the internet.

Often they are from Japanese sources. The children are playing naked or are partially clothed at the beach, paddling pools, or at swimming pools. The photographer might be at least between one hundred fifty and three hundred feet away from the child and using a high powered lens. Of course, the child and the parent do not know that photographs are being taken. Because these pictures are often taken in what should be considered as being a "safe place", they sexualize innocent and appropriate play and turn them into pictures that have a particular corrosive quality. They may not fall within the context of the legal definition of child pornography.

A very large group of these photographs are ones that might be termed as being posed pictures involving nudity. This is the child pornography equivalent to adult "soft porn". These photographs generally well produced and of very high quality. They suggest that there is a professional photographer taking them.

Most often, they are either taken outdoors, inside motel rooms, or sometimes inside expensive-looking opulent settings. The latter one also suggests a professional photographer. These photographs are generally implicitly sexual in nature. They generally use a stylized provocative pose rather than showing explicit sexual behaviour. The children portrayed are usually very pretty and appear to be clean and well fed.

Not all of these photographs would be considered as being obscene. In some cases, they might have been justified in the terms of their artistic merit. However, these photographs are very attractive to adults who have a sexual interest in children.

There is some indication that photographs of this nature is associated with the grooming process in getting the children ready for physical sexual exploitation. Many of these photographs were first found in well-produced Japanese magazines that are scanned for distribution on the internet. The location of these photographs seem to be Western Europe.

Category Three - Explicit Sexual - These photographs might range from ones that focus either on the genital or anal areas, through a child or group of children posing in a sexually explicit manner, to pictures of real or simulated sexual activity. These sexual activities could be assaults performed by adults or other children.

Some photographs of bestiality exist. There can also be some pictures that involve sadistic imagery such as bondage or whipping. The explicit sexual category of child porn is in the main very clearly sexual in character and the production, distribution, and possession of these are illegal in all European jurisdictions.

Not all child pornography is what it seems. "Constructed", or sometimes referred as pseudo images, can occur. These photographs are made out of components from a series of photographs. There are basically three different types of "pseudo photographs". The first type are digitally altered and appropriately sexualized images of bodies such as of a child in a swimming suit (where the costume is removed), or an adult may have inserted on it the head of a child or other body parts. With the second type, separate images may be combined into one photograph, as in the case of a picture of a baby whose hand is superimposed onto an adult penis. The third type is of a montage of various pictures with some being sexual in character.


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