This is really a big issue. One of the major factors why there is more child porn is because of the internet. Before the internet became as popular as it is today the only way for the child pornographers get their product out to the public was through the use of film, print, or video tape.

People who are interested in this awful thing didn't really know how to get it. If they did find a source, they were hesitant in giving out their names and addresses to mail order operations. This factor didn't really hamper a lot of people. During the 1960's and 1970's, some of the biggest child porn magazines had a circulation of about 10,000 people worldwide. Most of the magazines had much less circulation.

Starting in the 1970's there were radical changes taking place in the pornography books. This drastically reduced the availability of so-called "safe" child pornography. The commercial child pornography industry for the most part dried up. The turning point for this industry (I'll call it that loosely) was the rise of the internet. The advent of internet into people's homes brought to the world massive quantities of child porn. Along with this, came some really large commercial ventures.

The "bbs" (bulletin board system) which included the process for attachments of "picture files" came first into people's homes. Usually, a person had to dial in directly (most often long-distance) through a modem and a regular telephone line. These customers were charged a monthly access fee.

Some computer system providers tried to defend themselves by saying that their system users posted child pornography without their knowledge. Because of this technicality they were not liable to prosecution. This didn't always fly with the law because prosecutors could show that in the facts that there was actually money being passed to the provider from the customer and that the customer actually logged into the system and could be shown by printed logs. These two factors proved that the product, which was for sale, was actually child pornography.

When the internet first started, along with it came Usenet News and it's binary groups. The child pornography photographs were now digitized and transformed into specific text files, split into separate parts, and then sent out to various usenet groups. Many of these pictures were legal at the time, whether of naturalists or nudists, fully or partially clothed children, or of adults. But, many of these pictures were in fact the most blatant form of child pornography. A child was depicted in sexual acts or poses either by themselves or with other children or adults. It is estimated that between 85% to 90% of all child porn displayed on the internet is around ten and fifteen years old. The rest dates back to the 1960's and 1970's.

With newsgroups on the internet, pictures of new children emerge at a rate of one or two children every month. It is estimated that between two and four thousand pornographic pictures of children are downloaded off these newsgroups.

The Usenet system consists of over 15,000 Internet discussion groups. often called "newsgroups". On any given day, up to 250,000 new messages are posted to the newsgroups each day. It has been estimated that more people download child pornography from newsgroups than from anywhere else on the Internet. No one group controls Usenet. Discussion group messages are stored in many newservers around the world. Some individual newsgroups are moderated but most are not.

Most often the children used in child pornography are typically white and often have Nordic features. Asiatic children are frequently used but black children are rarely used. With regards to posed naked photographs, the children are usually American or West European. Japanese and oriental children are also used.

It seems that during the past couple of years the ages of children appearing in new child pornography is reducing. The most disturbing of these pictures, especially the ones that use girls, can have children as young as five years old. Excepting these pictures, the average age of the children involved is tends to be in the 7-8 and 10-11 year old range. There is a site that boasts that all of the boys displayed are thirteen years old. One site shows nude photos of children as young as eight months old.

As the internet became international in stature, the number of commercial child pornography sites increased. . Most of them were private and organized by the careful solicitation of customers. They became "web rings". These web rings for the most part are pretty hard to detect. Several of these have been infiltrated by the police and has resulted in dozens of arrests around the world. Even when legal, most webmasters of rings will delete any site brought to their attention.

Speaking of Web rings, I was curious to see how the web ring service provider that I had used stacked up. I was amazed at finding almost a dozen web rings that catered to incest stories involving young boys or galleries where either fully/partially clothed or nude photographs of boys could be found. I'm not mentioning the titles of the rings. This web ring service provider was the same one where many of the Christian web rings that I had been involved with were listed.

Along with all of the above, there is the use of email for the exchanging or passing along of child porn. The Federal Government is and has been quite involved with sting operations to see if they could get people to send them child porn as attachments on email. Most internet service providers (ISP's) are quite happy to take part in these sting efforts and investigations.

The internet also brought into people's homes IRC (internet relay chat). This allows live exchanges of comments (and files) between users. There has been a false sense of security in people's minds thinking that IR is pretty well anonymous and safe but it isn't. Activity on IRC channels can in fact reveal web addresses and many newsgroups reveal the sources origins. Service providers themselves can, if they wish to, provide information on any material downloaded from newsgroups. The FBI has been quite successful in the finding and arresting of individuals who use IRC to exchange child porn. The latest craze is ICQ. It too is not anonymous. The internet is only as anonymous as we allow it to be.

In the present time, there is a lot of erotica involving children on the internet. Sites display nudist pictures nude/semi-nude photographs of children. The major bulk of trading occurs through Usenet. Most of the material centers around pictures of child nudity, children in erotic poses, or the sexual activity between children of the same sex. Usually, child pornography is centered on either nudity, sexual arousal of one child, or of a pair or group of children of the same sex. Pedophiles tend to have fantasies about having consensual, equal, and loving sexual relationships with children. The depictions of adult-child sexual activity might interfere with these fantasies. This type of sexual activity portrayal might even be a turn-off even if one of the sexual actors is a child.

The person who collects child pornography centers on explicit acts such as an adult penetrating a child is far more dangerous than one who just collects photographs of children. Most of the child pornography that is now available on the internet was produced between the 1950's and the 1970's. However, there is an increase of new material being distributed on the internet.


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