With all good sites there is a list of sites or sources where graphic images have been found. Here is my attempt at such a page. The reason behind this page is to allow me to give the needed credit but also to save me from indexing all of the graphic images using "ALT comments".

I did have a list of where I found a lot of the images that I used on this site, when I first started this site in late 1998, but somehow the list had disappeared in "Web Nether Space". If by chance you know the source of some of these images, please email me so that I can give them the credit that is due them. This might be an impossibility though because a lot of the images can be found in several site's collections.

Pedal Prayers logo was created by Cynthia Friesen of Habitat for Humanity International where I was a co-worker during the late Fall and Winter months between 1995 and 2000.

The bicyclist photo that was used in several of the special buttons was provided by Angel 9oh7. I'm sorry to say that I cannot locate a current website for her at the present time.

For the new animated header on the home page.

 Banner Snack

A good portion of the page labels were produced at

 Flaming Text

Some of the page logos and banners were produced at

A lot of the small clipart graphics were provided by

 Clipart Connection

There were other sources of free clipart but I cannot remember the source names.

Some of the clipart was created using Microsoft Paint and Photo Editor programs.

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