It was back in 1998 when I first came up with the idea of a logo for my ministry. I just had a banner graphic that said "Pedal Prayers". At the time of the creation of the logo, I was working as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity International in Americus, Georgia. I had recently been ordained a ministry through an evangelical Christian ministry in the Augusta, Georgia.

Somebody suggested to me that I should start a website. I didn't know anything about websites or how to make them but I dove into the project. I had some ideas of what my logo should look like but I didn't have any concept on how to draw it let alone turn my idea into a graphic image. I was pretty good friends with the Art Department personnel so I decided to ask one of my friends, Cynthia Friesen, who was of the graphic artists to help me out. It didn't take her long to whip an idea on her computer. She did it with one try. For a little over 15 years, the logo looked like this.

Pedal Prayers Logo 2

Just before the tenth anniversary of this website was celebrated on October 19th, 2008, I decided to change the logo slightly by including a recumbent bicycle instead of an upright bicycle. I made the transition of traveling around on a recumbent instead of an upright bicycle back in 2000. Along with the changing the image of the bicycle, I played around with the texture so it looks like it had been embroidered and slightly three dimensional.

The graphic image is pretty well self explanatory. The outline of the United States represents the country that is my mission field. The cross represents who I am riding for. It is also the biggest image in the logo. The stylized recumbent bicycle represents my mode of transportation. Main reason why the front of the bicycle is pointing towards the cross is because I am trying to point people towards the Messiah and also to encourage the ones who are believers in the MESSIAH to expand their faith by truly living it out.

The little blurs behind the wheels are to represent the turning motion of the wheels. It also means that we are to have a faith that is in action. I got the concept from the Tibetan Prayer Wheels. Prayers are usually fastened onto a horizontally mounted wheel and the people wanting prayers spin the wheels. The spinning of the wheels is supposed to send the prayers on their way to Heaven.

With this in mind, I tell everybody that "with every wheel revolution, a prayer goes up to Heaven.

Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew

The LORD bless you and keep you:
The LORD make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you:
The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26


Bicyclist in Sunset


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