On A Lighter Note
Updated: January 03, 2022

Here is a place where I'll be adding some humorous and inspirational videos that I liked from my past or from the present. The first section has some great inspirational videos. They are not all religious. This is the case for the first one but it expresses the worldwide concept of joy through dance.

Dancing Matt 2012 - Music Video by Matt Harding of Seattle, Washington

The Man From George Street - A short video of extreme evangelism

The second section has some great animated short movies made primarily by graduates and students of the Ringling School of Arts and Design in Sarasota, Florida and the Vancouver (Canada) Film School. These short movies were found on YouTube.

Bait N' Switch

- Animated Short Movie by Wibur Chen - Vancounver Film School


- Animated Short Movie by Robert Huth - Ringling School of Arts and Design


- Animated Short Movie by Phenthrep Wiantrakoon - Vancounver Film School


- Animated Short Movie by Roy Margaret - Vancounver Film School

The Love Of The Cross

- Animated Short Movie by Jungbeom Choi - Vancounver Film School

Back in the mid 1970's when I was still in West Germany in my late teens, I really got into the 4 man group called Kraftwerk (Powehouse in German). The members of the group are Ralf Huetter, Florian Schneider, Fritz Hilpert, andHenning Schmitz. Kraftwerk were the pioneers of Elektonischen (Machinen) Musik (Electronic (Machine) Music)). Most of the work at the beginning was played on Moog synthesizers and some regular musical instruments. Asthe years, progressed all of the music was computer generated and the computer synthesizers got smaller and smaller.I was surprised to find out that they were still performing even after 30+ years. Here is a short collection of theirwork either through Live Performances or video performances. These clips were found on YouTube.


Computer Love

Electro Cardiogram

Man Machine

Pocket Calculator

Tour de France - 2003

I am a fan of another musical group and that is "The Blue Man Group". I am very much into percussion. The group was founded in 1987 by Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink. The group won their first Grammy in 1999. Here is a short collection that I found on YouTube.

I Feel Love

Time To Start

Up To The Roof

Here is selection of great animated computer music. Found on YouTube also.

Pogo Sticks

Heavy Light

Star Groove

Fantastic Machine

Here is selection of great videos of animals. These were found on YouTube also.

Highway Protection

Nora The Piano Playing Cat - "Practice Makes Purr-fect"

Nora The Piano Playing Cat - "The Sequel"

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