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This was taken in 2004 while in South Carolina.

From all the websites that I've looked at, there is always a personal page telling about the writer so I guess this is mine. My name is Rev. Johannes ("Hans") Erich Myors and I'm originally from the Munich, (West) Germany area. I immigrated to this country in 1979 and became a U.S. citizen in 1984. I'm 60 years old (my birthday is June 15, 1956). I was ordained through an Evangelical Christian ministry in 1998. I used to have my resume on this website but I already have a powerful employer (ADONAI).

My first real involvement with bicycle touring was back in 1974 when I was a high-school exchange student in Ohio. Before going back to Germany, I took about a thousand mile trip from Nw Ohio to the Mississippi River and back. Even though I was traveling on a Montgomery Wards ten-speed with not too much equipment, I got hooked. One of the most vivid memories of this trip was camping out under a table of a picnic shelter at the Mississippi Palisades State Park along the Mississippi River in Illinois because of a rain shower. I woke up being surrounded by a large family of Vietnamese getting ready for a picnic. I had a really good time with them and went on my way with a delicious loaf of zucchini bread.

In my adolescent and early teen years, I was pretty sick with constant ear aches so I had to stay indoors a lot. The seriousness of the ear problem resulted in a major ear operation which lasted around seven hours on my left ear back in 1969 when I was thirteen but by that time I had lost nearly eighty percent hearing in my left ear. There is cochlea damage so a hearing aid would not help. This problem hasn't stopped me from taking daring rides with traffic. I sort of a have a sixth sense (most of the time) that warns me about traffic coming up from behind me and I do use mirrors on my bicycle.

From the above picture, you can't tell much about my physical shape. I'm not a lean and mean cycling machine. I'm sort of height-challenged in my opinion (just under 5' 7" (depending on which way I lean)) and stocky (my weight fluctuates between 165 and 190 lbs depending on what season of year it is). This is not what I consider to be "cross-country cycling material".

At one time, my weight shot up to nearly 230 lbs. (this was between bike tours). I have a picture of me back then and call it my picture of
shame (something that I should put inside my refrigerator if I ever own one). During that year's trip though, I lost nearly 55 pounds. I did have a companion on the trip. I had a golden hamster and he traveled in a small cage in the main pocket of my handlebar bag. More about Schroeder can be found on his own page.

Along with my hearing impairment, I'm sort of physically challenged. Back in 1980, I was involved in a pretty bad winter sports accident that damaged my legs and arms. I had about a dozen broken bones. Because of this, my right arm and left leg are about a quarter inch shorter than the other arm and leg. This in-balance in lengths didn't affect my pedaling much on regular "up-right" bicycles even though I had to come up with a unique angle of tilting my saddle downward almost thirty degrees. I also had to use clips and straps instead of using special clip-on that hook on to shoes because my right ankle wants to pull my foot sideways but riding with the clips and straps did straightened out the foot greatly.

In 1995, I had a pretty major non-bike accident where I took a fall in Hannibal, Missouri and damaged one of my lower vertabraes. This resulted in almost seven weeks in a body cast. Along with this, in the summer of 2002, I had a major crash in New Hampshire while coasting down a hill. This resulted in having major surgery performed on my left shoulder.

Because of the most of the above mentioned physical impairments, I made the decision to switch over to a short-wheelbase recumbent. I purchased one from Lightning Cycle Dynamics in Lompoc, California in November of 2001. Currently, I'm on a Easy Racer/ Sun EZ-Speedster-AX short-wheelbase touring recumbent with almost 92,000 miles on it since April of 2007. The recumbent is much more comfortable than riding on an upright bicycle because of it's full back rest and in some cases it is 40 percent more efficient. It took some time getting used to riding a recumbent especially while out on the road loaded down. The weirdest part of riding it is sitting on a seat less than two feet above the road. Being so low, I have a hard time being seen by drivers so I supplement my size with a flag on a five foot mast and I breathe on a lot of exhaust. Also, I have to deal with more radiant heat coming from the roadways. More information about my recumbents can be found in the "Bike Journey" section of this website.

The picture at the left side of each page was taken in August 2009 in Illinois while I was riding north along the Mississippi River. I came across a safety traffic mirror so I thought that I would try and take a couple of self-pictures.

Well, I guess this is as much personal information that I want to share now. More can be found out by reading more of my story.

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