Thank you again for stopping by at my web site. I hope you found this site useful and not one where you might think a crazy Jewish person went off their rocker and went over to the Other Side. I just wanted to take the time to say a few things here in a possible non-threatening way.

The Maschiah that we have been waiting for has already arrived on the scene and this is Y'SHUA for whom the prophets have foretold about. I could give you a large list of proof comprising with the prophecies of Our Bible and the fulfillment of them that can be found in the Christian's New Testament. There are at least fifty-two such prophecies and fulfillments.
Here is a great link to a website that will explain it all.

My wish is that you would take the time to read the view the videos above so that maybe you might have a whole heart also. The process can be painless and ADONAI (the Creator) will guide you along your path. Don't allow anybody tell you that you have to give up being Jewish to be a Follower because that is not correct.

How can you give up something that is part of your soul? Throughout the ages, people have been misled about this thing. They feel that all things Jewish are even because of what happened to the Messiah when He first walked upon this Earth. This is really strange because they have taken a lot of Jewish symbolism and traditions and adapted them into their own.

When you are starting out in your new walk, try and be careful in who you choose to guide you. They are a lot of people who are being led astray. You could see that from the example I gave of the somewhat misled Messianic congregation in Southern California.

You will find that most Jewish believers don't actually attend a Messianic congregation but can be found in regular Christian churches. In fact with the majority of Messianic congregations, the actual percentage of Jewish believers is around ten percent. There are some great resources out there and I gave a short list of some of them on the internet at the Links Section on this site's Table of Contents.

I just want to wish you well and hope that someday in your own time you will become a Follower of the Maschiah who was Y'SHUA also. Take care.

Yeshua is the Light of the World


Bicyclist in Sunset


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