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In 2016 after lots of prayer and good counsel from some minister friends, I changed my mind on whether I would accept donations from this website. Things have changed a lot since 1993 when this ministry was founded. Throughout the years, people have sent me emails asking me if they could support my ministry and I never really had a way for them to do so if they are not physically in contact with me right at the moment but now there is a way.

From the start of this ministry, I had a strong feeling that a covenant (vow) had to be made where I would not fully rely on any funds other than what ADONAI (the Creator) places in my path. In the beginning, I didn't want to be dependent on something like being on a church's list of missionaries that they support or have a list of donors that could be frequently contacted for further support. Having a full-time job that would provide me a weekly paycheck wouldn't really work out either. Working for an agency or ministry in exchange for room and board (food stipend) would be okay. This is what was arranged when I was a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity International in Americus, Georgia between 1993 and 2000 and with several chapters of the Fuller Center for Housing around the United States.

I have never been without any kind of money on the bicycle even though not one penny has been verbally asked for or I have never been without any food on my bike. If a church speaking engagement is arranged, the church might have a honorarium set up for guest ministers/ speakers or the minister might call for a "Love Offering" to be taken up. If I get the chance to speak during a Sunday School class, somebody might call for a love offering to be taken then also. Individuals could also give me "free-will offerings" in what I call "Green Handshakes".

Then there is the loose change or currency that I might find alongside the road. I have been calling this found money "Road Manna". With every piece of this "Manna" (no matter if it is just a penny), I give either a silent or verbal "thank you" to ADONAI for allowing it to be placed in my path. During the mission trips in 2021, I found $439.27 in Road Manna alongside the roads. Most of this Road Manna were coins that I had picked up from road shoulders, parking lots, etc. but I did find $350 together in a ditch near a roadside rest in NE Mississippi.

Individuals or churches have also provided support through "In-Kind Donations". These donations might be in the form of food bought or given, meals, bicycle parts or repairs, lodging, etc. During mission trips in 2021, the total amount for "in-kind donations" came to around $8,100. Most of the in-kind donations was in the form of donated motel rooms.

Along with these three forms of funding, there have have been countless "free-will offerings". People have slipped me money in what I call "Green Handshakes". These handshakes have occured at gas stations, stores, or people would even ask meto pull off the road to talk for a while and before I head out again they would slip me some money. I feel that any donation that comes through this website would be considered as a "free-will offering" or in other terms a "virtual Green Handshake. During the mission trips in 2021, I received around $12,000 in church honorariums, church love offerings, Green Handshakes, and Virtual Green Handshakes. Of this $12,000, a little over $7,000 was raised through the 2021 online fundraising campaign on GiveSendGo.

Please, let it be known that I will never make a list from these donations and use this to solicit for any more funds. Also, this ministry does not have Federal Non-Profit (501-3C) Status so any donation that you do give cannot be deducted off of your taxes.

For several years, I was using PayPal as a way to collect on-line donations. For some unknown reason(s), PayPal shut me out of my account so for a while I set up an account with WePay. I also switched from Continue-To-Give to Give-Send-Go, which is more Christian and is set up specifically to help out ministers and missionaries. Donations can be sent to me by clicking on the graphic below. A new browser window wll open for the campaign page. Thank you in advance.


If you are still feel led to support my ministry and you don't want to do anything online, you can send me donations through the following other ways. I can always accept donations through Western Union. Contact needs to be made through email first. My email address is

Also, you can send checks designated to me and my ministry to my bank, which is TBK Bank. The branch that I maninly use is TBK Bank; 229 Main Street; Savanna, IL 61074 in care of Dee Sanchez with a special note to deposit funds into my account.

As always, thank you for taking the time to view this page and may ADONAI bless you.

Yeshua is the Light of the World

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