With witnessing to a Jewish person about the Messiah, you must make the Gospel message the preeminent factor since it is written in Romans 10:17 "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of G-D". You need to be constrained by G-D to go to them and being motivated by the love of the Messiah. Scripture must be used carefully and there needs to be an example in your own live by how you live out your faith.

You need to remember that with most Jewish people there has been a training to call every Goyim (Gentile - non-Jew) a "Christian" whether they are one or not. Most often they have seen very little love from those who call themselves Christians. It will not help your case in speaking about the love of G-D without you showing it yourself. Jewish people have a natural tendency to interpret the thoughtless conduct of so-called Christians as being "Anti-Jewish" or "Anti-Semitic". You need to be very mindful of the little things.

When you are witnessing, do not neglect the basic elements of politeness. Be genuinely interested in their profession, their hobbies, and their homes when you witness. Show an interest in their children but do not witness to them. Only do so when you have permission from the parents. Don't be zealous in trying to save the children's soul without understanding the consequences of your actions. The father of a Jewish family is usually the monarch over the household but it is most often the mother's duty to be in charge of the children's religious training. Children can face the consequences of being ostracized from the family if they stray from the family beliefs (this is what happened to me). If guests of the family that you are talking to arrive, avoid embarrassing the family in front of their friends. Simply try to make an appointment to come back at later time, excuse yourself, and leave.

Always show respect for elders - not only Jewish elders but your own. This is very important in Judaism. If you have a Bible with you, handle it respectively. Do not double a page back or use it in gestures. These two things can be easily misunderstood by Jewish people since they have high regard to ADONAI's word since they treat their Torah with respect. Make sure that the Bible that you are using is unmarked. Do not use one that is written in or ones that have the text highlighted in different colors. In a Jewish synaguogue, the Torah is never actually touched by hands. The Torah is unrolled on a table and a pointer is used to follow along a piece of scripture but the pointer never touches the Torah parchment itself.

Do not be afraid in acknowledging the authority of the original languages that the Bible was written in at the beginning. Be sure to stress the accuracy in the translation that you might be using.

Try not to manifest any impatience in either in the words that you speak or your manner. This doesn't mean that you cannot speak vigorously in your beliefs that the person you are talking to needs to accept the Messiah as their Saviour. Remember that a Jewish person might feel that their honor is at stake and they will defend themselves against all things "Christian".

Be very careful in the words or subjects that you use for some might be distasteful to your audience. If they do come up in a conversation, be prepared to give a satisfactory explanation. One of the most hated words is "Missionary". In the Jewish psyche, "Missionaries" were people who caused them harm throughout the centuries. This was the case in the Spanish Inquisition Period in History, the Crusades, the pogroms in Russia, and even in Hitler's day. Many Jews throughout history have been slaughtered for not accepting Christianity. Of course, we know that this isn't the true Christianity that is found in the Bible.

There have been some authentic Christian missionaries who have not approached Jewish people with love and understanding. I have come across that myself when I told somebody that I am Jewish. They didn't allow me to explain to them that I was in fact a Jew who has accepted the Messiah. These for-mentioned missionaries might be sincere in their actions but they fail to understand that Jews do not easily accept or understand a foreign concept like the phrase, ' the Son of G-D'. Almost all Jews feel that a missionary is trying to demand that they receive a "Gentile religion" or be condemned.

"Christ" is the name that has been used to defend the actions of people who have persecuted Jews. It would be a suggestion to use the exact equivalent in the Greek: "Messiah". This name also draws older and more orthodox Jews into the Old Testament truth.

Never use the name 'Jew' in your conversation with Jewish people. It has been used as an ethnic label and a reflection of certain harshness. It is better to say 'my Jewish neighbor" or "my friend of Jewish faith".

Try to avoid any arguments about the relative merits of religions. You need to remember that religion is not a faith. Any political arguments will simply align the Jewish people against you whether or not he has convictions that coincide with yours. Do not mix politics or religion with your witness for the Messiah.

The Jewish person you are talking to might ask you to comment on another church. Never criticize another church. Simply respond by turning to the Bible and ask him to read what G-D has to say.

Discussion of social evils and personal habits are always fruitless with the unsaved people. Righteousness cannot be legislated. Only "new creatures" have "all things new".

Judaism is practically unanimous in it's interpretive understanding that "G-D is ABSOLUTE ONE". This is seen in the Sh'ma "Deuteronomy 6:4". For Jewish people, Jesus isn't G-D but the illegitimate son of a Jewish girl. Jesus must be the idol of ignorant Christians. The Second Commandment forbid's G-D's people to worship people, especially ones who is called the Saviour.

Also to most Jewish people, the New Testament must be an idolatrous book of Gentiles since it bolsters their faith in the worshipping of their idol. Their conclusion is that Christianity is just another idolatrous religion. It is sad that our Jewish people have seen so many so-called Christians parade their idols, bowing to images, lighting candles in front of images, worshipping before statues, and hanging paintings or pictures of their idol in their churches or homes.

Most Jewish people have never had the opportunity to see a true Christian at worship. They have never had someone explain Biblical Christianity to them. To most Jewish people, especially to those who are quite orthodox, the one basic tenet of Judaism is the rejection of the deity of Christ. In Jewish eyes, Christians are the worst sinners listed in the Bible. In Deuteronomy 13:6-10, there is an instruction of getting rid of any testimony to "other gods".

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