A lot of people have asked me why I don't provide a glossary of the Hebrew names and words that are used on the website. I am going to comply here. Here is a list and their English translation.

Adonai - the L-RD
Adonai Echad - the L-RD is one
Adonai HaElyon - the L-RD Most High
Adonai Shalom - the L-RD of Peace
Adonai Tzidkeynu - the L-RD our Righteousness
Adonai Tzvaot - the L-RD of Hosts
Adonai Yeshuateynu - The L-RD our Salvation
Adonai Yeera - the L-RD our Provider
Adoshem - Master of All
Aleph - One
Avinu Malkeynu - Our Father and Our King
Baruch - Bless
Baruch HaShem - Bless the Name (of G-D)
Beresheet - Book of Genesis
Brit Chadashah - New Testament
B'midver - Book of Numbers
Chachem - Scholar
'Chaim - The Life
Channukah - Festival of Lights
Chavra Kaddisha - Holy Brothers of Washers who prepare bodies for burial
Chay'm Chadashim - New Life
Dani'el - Book of Daniel
Davarim - Book of Deuteronomy
Echad - One
Elohai - My G-D
Elohim - "G-D"
Eloheynu - Our G-D
El Elyon - Most High (Holy) G-D
El Gibbor - Mighty G-D
El Olam - Everlasting G-D
El Shaddai - Almighty G-D
Etz Chaim - Tree of Life
Gemara - Rabbinical commentaries and analysis of the Mishnah
Gibbar - Great
Go'el - Redeemer
Go'el Yisra'el - Redeemer of Israel
Goyim - Gentiles , Non-Jews
Haggedah - Liturgy of Passover
HaShem - "G-D"
Ha-Mashiah - Messiah
H'Ra'ah Tov - The Good Shepherd
H'Ra'ah Gibbor - The Great Shepherd
h'Ra'ah Y'israel - Shepherd of Israel
Kaddish - Mourners
Kashrut - Kosher
Keruv - Angel
Ketuvrim - Scriptures
Kodesh - Holy
Kodesh Y'Israel - The Holy One of Israel
Lechem - Bread
Lechem Chaim - Bread of Life
Mashiach/Moshiach - Messiah/ Christ
Matit'Yah Ha'Levi - Matthew the Levi
Mayim Chaiy'm - Living Waters
Melech - King
Melech Melechim - King of Kings
Melech Yehudim - King of the Jews
Meshia - Deliverer
Mikkah - Book of Micah
Mishna - Repetition (Oral Law)
Mitzvot - Rules
Moshe - Moses
Nevi'im - Book of the Prophets
Pentateuch - First Five Books of the Torah
Pesach - Passover
Rashim - pot, vessel
Rebbe - Rabbi
Rosh HaShanah - Jewish New Year
Ruach haKodesh - Holy Spirit Sar Shalom - Prince of Peace
Shabbot - Sabbath
Shalom - Peace
Shalom Aleichem - Peace Be Unto You
Shemot - Book of Exodus
Smuel - Samuel
Succot - Festival of Booths
Talmed - Torah
Teruah - Battle call from a shofar
T'hilim - Book of Psalms
Tov - Good
Tzafoan - Hidden
Ur - Luke
V'Yakra - Book of Leviticus
Ya'akov - Isaac or James
Yehosua - The Messiah
Yesha'Yak - Isaiah
Yirmi'Yah - Book of Jeremiah
Yisra'el - Israel
Yochanan - John
Yochanon - Makabi - John(Mark)
Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
Y'Shua - The Messiah
Y'shua haMashiach - Jesus Christ
Y'shua haMashiach hu Adonai - L-RD Jesus Christ


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