If we might have a second chance,
To live the day's once more,
And rectify mistakes we've made,
To even up the score.

If we might have a second chance,
to use the knowledge gained
Perhaps we might become at last,
As fine as G-D ordained.

But though we can't retrace our steps,
However stands the score,
Tomorrow brings another chance,
For us to try once more.

Ever since January 06, 2002, I've been carrying a bulletin from a church in my Bible and this poem was on the back cover. I'm not sure what church I visited back then since there is no church listed or address. The bulletin is quite creased from being unfolded and folded again. I've shared the poem with others quite a few times.

Traveling back in time has been a major theme in science fiction. The "Time Machine" by Orson Welles in one of the popular books. Star Trek used the premise of time travel in several of the movies. A couple of months ago, I watched a movie on video called "
Galaxy Quest " that was produced in 1999. It was a spoof of Star Trek.

Alien races were fighting each other to seek information about the Omega Weapon or obtain one. This weapon was the most powerful super weapon in the known universe with the capabilities of destroying a galaxy. What it actually did was to disintegrate everything around it into their composite atoms and then rearrange them together as they were thirteen seconds before the bomb was activated.

Tim Allen of "Home Improvement", who was the captain of the ship that had the weapon installed on it, used it to save the lives of his crewmen who had been killed by an alien that had snuck aboard the ship. The choice that he had was using the Omega Weapon or being killed himself. By going back 13 seconds, Tim (who still had the memory of his crewmen dying) prevented the alien from coming onto the ship's bridge and using it's blaster thus saving everybody.

What could you do if we had the chance to use a device that would allow you to go back in time thirteen seconds?

Would you press that button?

Would you use it to be able to prevent a person from doing something that would harm them?

Would you use it to be able to take back a word that was spoken to a person harshly and stop them from becoming an enemy instead of being your friend?

Would you use it to change the direction in your life by going right instead of going left?

There are a lot of "What ifs...?" or "Would you....?" questions. Most of them do not have a simple solution like what you would have if you had a time machine. There are no magic clocks that can be made to run backwards.

As the last two lines of the poem go, there will always (hopefully) be another tomorrow so that you can have a another chance at trying once more. The question now is what you would do with that second chance.



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