TRIP 2002

Update #30 - July 24th
Augusta, Maine - 4,569 miles (7310 KM)

My time here in Augusta is almost over. I finished with my sessions of physical therapy yesterday. I have about ninety-two percent of flexation (165 degrees of movement while lying down). This is over twelve percent more than what the orthopaedic specialist and my therapist had anticipated. They had only anticipated 140 degrees of movement.

The extra degrees of movement is probably due to all of the exercises that I did at home. During the past couple of weeks, I had basically quadrupled my exercise sessions and repetitions. For what I've gone through I have pretty good movement in my left arm. Hopefully as time goes by I will get more of my movement and strength back in my left arm. Full recovery might take a year.

The recumbent has been fixed. This morning I got my front wheel back from the bicycle shop. They had rebuilt the wheel with a new rim, spokes, and hub. It is really great seeing the recumbent whole again after almost three months.

I really feel that it is time for me to get back on the road. I do have some hesitation but I'm quite confident that this is the right decision. I'm pretty sure that the orthopaedic specialist would not want me on the road now but I have to do what I have to do. I will try to be more careful and observant especially when other people are doing repairs for me on the recumbent.

It is time and I am ready for trying to claim my life's calling again. The rent for the room at the rooming house ends this weekend. I was told by the orthopaedic specialist that I needed to stay put for at least eight weeks after the operation. I'm close to that now (maybe off by a week).

This has been a struggle for me in Augusta that I'm pretty sure that I do not want to extend. I've been in limbo for too long of a time. It would have been different if I had had a better support system in place.

I've made the decision to get back on the road tomorrow. I'm not sure where I will be going or how far I will try to make it the rest of the year. My main task at present will be riding along the coast of Maine and New Hampshire with all of the busy tourist traffic. I have been thinking that my first stop will be to visit with a new pastor friend who had helped me out in Peterborough, New Hampshire right after the accident. They had moved on to a new church in Reading, Massachusetts.

From Augusta to Reading, I think that the distance is around 170 miles. After that, it will be day by day and mile after mile with ADONAI's and Y'SHUA's comfort, help, and guidance.



Bicyclist in Sunset



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