TRIP 2002

Update #32 - August 06th
Reading, Massachusetts - 4,777 miles (7643 KM)

After a week off with friends in Reading, I'll be getting back on the road tomorrow. Over the weekend, the recumbent went through some much needed overhauling at a nearby bike shop. The rear derailleur had died and the chain was overstretched among other things. I'll be riding pretty well with a new drivetrain. The only parts of the drivechain that were not replaced were the front chainrings, front derailleur, crankset, and pedals. Along with the repairs, I got some new panniers. These were bought at a local REI. The old panniers were in really bad shape being involved in several accidents. They wouldn't have lasted very much longer.

I think I am doing okay. My left arm seems to be holding up okay. Riding the recumbent from Augusta to Reading didn't stress the shoulder much. I am really amazed at this and quite thankful. Physically, I might be doing okay (except for the gain of at least twenty pounds since the accident back in May) but I cannot say so either mentally or spiritually. Whenever I went fast or I was coasting down a hill, I had some problems. Maybe, there is still the fear of my having another blowout. I know that I cannot be scared but there will always be that tiny bit of dread that I will have to deal with. My confidence in myself took some bruising.

Spiritually, I don't know yet. My faith took a bruising while I was recovering in Maine and there still needs to be some healing there. I guess that this could have been from the mild depression that had set in. I didn't find that needed spiritual connection with a church in Augusta that I needed. I just don't feel as connected as I was to my cause before the accident. There is a bit of being unsure about things. I pray a lot and read the Bible and I hope that the guidance that I had felt will come back. I'm not giving up the cause and ministry just yet. Prayers would be helpful in this matter.

The next couple hundred miles down the East Coast will be hard. Riding through the rest of Massachusetts and through Rhode Island and Connecticut should be okay. I'm looking at riding through New York City along U.S. 1 and crossing the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson. Riding through Northern New Jersey will not be a piece of cake. I'll be definitely going around Philadelphia. I'll tackle the plans of riding through Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. when I get there.

As I wrote in other updates, I'm not sure where I'll be going or how long I will be out. Each day and mile cycled will be with ADONAI's and Y'SHUA's comfort, help, and guidance.



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