TRIP 2002

Update #41 - October 30th
Highland, Illinois - 6,903 miles (11,045 KM)

I'm almost across Illinois. Illinois is my twenty-sixth state (not including the District of Columbia) cycled in this year. I've made thirty crossings between states this year. I'm taking a day off because of the cold weather with some friends who I haven't seen in four years.

I am currently heading towards St. Louis, MO to check out a Catholic ministry that works with the homeless in South St. Louis. I have about a day and a half ride to St. Louis. It looks like I will just be stopping for a short time to check out the ministry before heading out from St. Louis. I do plan to stop and visit the Arch (maybe even take a ride up the tram to the top). From St. Louis, I probably be riding to Little Rock, Arkansas to check out the Heifer Project. There is also the possibility that I might just head south from St. Louis to Acadiana in Louisiana to check out the recovery effort after Hurricane Lili and Tropical Storm Isadore. I have quite a few minister friends in the affected area.

The past couple of days since leaving Niantic, Illinois have been okay. I've got to meet some nice people and have had some nice contacts with ministers. For the most part, I've been spending the cold nights inside in donated motel rooms. I did spend one night camping out in the youth room of the Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Auburn. People are still stopping me along side the highways and bi-ways and in towns and cities to ask what I am doing. I've written the words "Pedal Prayers" on the back of my sleeping pad cover.

I think that the neatest thing that happened these past couple of days occured on my day off in Niantic. My pastor friend's wife is a 4th grade school teacher at one of the local schools. Arrangements were made for me to visit the class. I had a great time. When I first got into the classroom, I just spoke German. This got the kids puzzled. I had a neat time talking to the kids about my ministry and my travels. We had a great question and answer session for about twenty minutes. I was also quite pleased to say that I was given the open chance to talk about my faith and religion. Before I left, I challenged the kids on thinking and acting upon ways that they could help either their schoolmates, family, or neighbors.

As I've always stated maybe when I can take some time off the road in the future, I might be able to write or start to write that book that everybody wants me to write. We'll have to see. It's up to ADONAI now. As I have always said, each day and mile cycled will be with ADONAI's and Y'SHUA's comfort, help, and guidance.



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