TRIP 2003

Update #06 - Jan 29th
Americus, Georgia - 890 miles (1424 KM)

The ride between Baxley and Americus, Georgia was okay. The weather was still cold and windy even though the highs in the afternoon got into the high fifties. I was very fortunate in finding shelter inside that was provided by the Ministerial Alliance in McRae, Georgia; the United Methodist Church in Abbeville, Georgia; the First Baptist Church in Brunswich, Georgia. These places were greatly appreciated.

After spending a few days off the road with friends here in the Baxley area, I headed out Saturday morning, January 25th. My friends had surprised me with some new bicycle tires since the ones on the recumbent were pretty well worn out. The rear tire had at least 6,100 miles on it. The front tire had at least 2,700 miles on it. We had to go to a bike shop in Statesboro Friday afternoon to pick them up. Because of gettinng a new front tire, I'ver now got a spare front tire. This is great since they are hard to come by and they last maybe a third of what I can get on the rear tire.

Saturday night, I found myself in McRae before dusk. I stopped at the sheriff's office to see if they knew of a minister that I connect with since the temperature would get down into the twenties. They were able to get in touch with a representative of the ministerial alliance and they offered to get me a room at a local motel.

The next morning, I walked into town and stopped at the United Methodist Church. The pastor was at a weekend retreat so this was going to be a "Laity Sunday". The teacher of the Sunday school class that I attended was going to give the message. Before the class started, she told me that she hadn't really had the time to prepare a Sunday school lesson and she asked me if I would share with the class my testimony and also talk about my ministry. I must have made a good impression since she asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing my testimony during the service before she gave her message. Afterwards, I was surprised at getting almost $200 in "Green Handshakes". That night, I stopped at the United Methodist Church in Abbeville. One of the deacons gave me permission to stay in the fellowship hall for the night. He went to the fire station to get me an army cot and also a hot meal. Before he left, he slipped me ten dollars.

Monday (Jan. 27th), I rode from Abbeville to Cordele. I used a coupon to get a low cost motel room near I-75. Tuesday (Jan. 28th), I rode from Cordele to Americus. It has been almost twenty-two months since I had been in Americus. I'm staying with a friend till at least Sunday so that I can visit with friends at the international headquarters of Habitat for Humanity.

Once I get back on the road Sunday morning after church, I'll be heading south towards Albany. From Albany, I will be stopping in Moultrie, and Thomaston, Gergia. I'll be crossing back into Florida around Tallehassee and then taking the Gulf Coast route through Apalachicola, Panama City, and Pensacola, FL that I had taken last November and December. Eventually, I'll be making my way along the Southern part of the country to California.



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