TRIP 2003

Update #13 - March 17th
Ozona, Texas - 2397 miles (3835 KM)

The ride between Fredericksburg to Ozona went okay. For a change, the weather had turned warm and sunny instead of cloudy. It was finally great to get out of my rain jacket for a chance. The suntan on my arms was fading.

For the most part, the roads were okay but the shoulders were pretty rough. Pavement changes happened at the county lines. I did have two flats along the way. One up front because of a piece of wire off an old truck tire and at the back from a big thorn. Hopefully, these will be it for a while. I'm having some problems getting above 70 psi with my little hand pump.

I had quite a few motel rooms donated (in Fredericksburg, Brady, Menard, and Sonora). I stayed at churches for the night in Mason and Eldorado. I didn't get the chance to speak at any churches along the way.

Today was my first day of riding along the interstate (I-10). The 37 mile ride between Sonora and Ozona went okay. Hopefully, the good rides will continue until I get to El Paso. I'm hoping that I do not have any problems with flats. The last time I tried riding along the interstate in 1997 I had a terrible time with flats caused by mesquite thorns.

Here is my route to El Paso.

Ozona to Sheffield
Sheffield to Fort Stockton
Fort Stockton to Balmorea
Balmorea to Kent
Kent to Van Horn
Van Horn to Sierra Blanca
Sierra Blanca to Tenillo
Tenillo to El Paso.

This route is tentative. I might see if I could get a few rides westwards. This is because I'm a little worried about the dust storms that due occur this time of year and also the prevailing winds from the west. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

From El Paso, I'll have a short ride along the Mexican Border to Las Cruces, New Mexico where I might stay a night or two with friends that I haven't seen in around six years. My arrival in Las Cruces might coincide with the tenth anniversary of my ministry. I'll be in Las Cruces a little while off the bike with some friends.

Eventually, I'll be making my way along the Southern part of the country from Las Cruces, N.M. to San Diego, California. I figuere that it would take me at least seventeen days to ride to San Diego from Las Cruces. I'll post these day's point to point stops later on. I might decide to maybe take a Greyhound bus the rest of the way to San Diego. We will have to see.

I'll try to post an update as often as I can.



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