TRIP 2003

Update #28 - July 02nd
Kaycee, Wyoming - 4,997 miles (7995 KM)

As reported in the last update, the weather has been a big factor. The temperature has been in the upper eighties or low nighties. It is becoming a big factor to have a lot of water on the bike. Towns here in Wyoming are far apart and water sources are not frequent.

I spent three days with friends in the Billings Heights area. I was going to stay on to maybe work on the Habitat for Humanity home being built but the plans fell through. After three days off the road, I do get a bit antsy.

From Billings, I had a good ride to Hardin. The Catholic Church and the ministerial association made it possible to have a motel room for the night. After the service at the American Lutheran Church, I stopped to check out the great free museum complex. They have a lot of restored buildings in a 22 acre complex. I took frontage roads and traveled on the shoulder of I-90 some to Lodge Grass on the Crow Indian Reservation. I spent a good night camping out in the Basement of the Catholic Church. There was a youth mission group from Minneapolis there and they provided me with a great supper.

Monday morning, I got an early start around 7 a.m. for the ride to the Wyoming state line. I crossed into Wyoming around noon time and I rode on to Ranchester. I wasn't able to make connections with a minister in Ranchester so I rode on to Sheridan. No minister was available so I headed out on the way to Banner. Around 8 p.m., I pulled off the road and found a place to camp out in a thicket about fifteen feet down a hill from the road. The area that I camped out was sloped so I slid off the sleeping pad many times during the night.

Tuesday morning, I got up early again and headed out to Buffalo. There was a big hill to climb over between Banner and I-90. Once on I-90, I had a fast ride into Buffalo. I got into Buffalo around 2:30 p.m. The temperature was close to 90 degrees. The pastor at the Grace Fellowship Church opened the church for me and I camped out in the youth room in the basement of the church. I did go out for a walk and had a great free visit to the museum. This was one of the best small collections that I have seen.

This morning, I headed out early from Buffalo and got on I-25 for the ride to Kaycee. The temperature again was in the high eighties. I got into Kaycee around 2:00 p.m. I'm not sure where I'll be staying tonight but I am assured that ADONAI will have things worked out for me.

I'm about 67 miles from Casper. It will be a hot one again tomorrow so I might have to split the ride into two days. I figure that I have at least 8 more days of riding here in Wyoming before I cross into Colorado. I hope to be in Denver before July 15th.

I'll try to post an update as often as I can if there are any changes in my plans.



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