TRIP 2003

Update #34 - August 15th
Covington, Kentucky - 6950 miles (11,120 KM)

This will be another short update. I did have a good day off with my pastor friend, Rev. Ed, and his wife. We went to Danville, Illinois to Ryans where I pigged out of vegetables and fruit for lunch. I take advantage of these meals with either Buffets or Salad Bars since my normal meals are either peanut butter (and possibly jelly) sandwiches or tuna sandwiches.

Rev. Ed didn't want to see me go. I promised him that I would try and come back through the area next year. I might be riding through the Dakotas next year.

I got on the road around 8 a.m. Monday (August 11th) and headed east towards Indianapolis. The ride was okay but I was in really hilly country. I got into Brownsburg around 5 p.m. I stopped at the police station to see if I could get connected with a local minister. The ministerial association was contacted and I was surprised when they offered to get me a room at the Holiday Inn Express near the interstate. This is one of the fanciest motels that I've stayed at this year. They provided a really great free breakfast the next morning.

Tuesday's ride (August 12th) was over sixty miles again. It was one of the trickiest ride's of the year since I had to find my way through the Indianapolis metropolitan area. None of the state routes or U.S. routes went straight through from the west to the east. I had to really on a street map to find my way through the downtown area.

I got into Rushville a little before dusk. I found my way over to police station. A friendly officer took the time to contact some of the local ministers for me. An offer to get me a room at a small motel on the Southern outskirts of town was made. It was a little tricky getting to the motel since my headlight wasn't working right.

Wednesday's ride (August 13th) was almost fifty miles long and I finished the day on the Northern outskirts of Oxford, Ohio. I finally crossed into the Eastern Time Zone at the state line. Instead of going into town to see if there was a Wednesday night prayer service, I opted to use some of the "Love Offering" money and get a low cost motel room.

Yesterday's ride (August 14th) had me following U.S. 27 South to Cincinnati. The ride was okay considering that there was some road construction. I got into the downtown area of Cincinnati around 3:30 p.m. I crossed the Ohio River to Covington, Kentucky. It was a short walk to Cornerstone Ministry where I met up with Ken. He does prayer walks with a Cross in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

I'll be getting back on the road sometime during the first part of next week. I will be recrossing the Ohio River and then riding through the Southern portion of Ohio to Huntington, West Virginia My next stop is Charleston, West Virginia. It has been at least five years since I've ridden through West Virginia.

I'll try to post an update as often as I can if there are any changes in my plans.



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