TRIP 2005

Update #10 - April 03rd
Winfield, Kansas - 3429 miles (5486 KM)

The ride across Oklahoma was in my mind a blur. It's hard to believe that last Sunday, I was in Pampa, Texas and now in the evening of this Sunday I'm in Winfield, Kansas. In the last seven days, I had traveled almost 400 miles. Most of the days, I had ridden from basically Dawn to Dusk and averaged over 60 miles per day. The longest day was nearly 90 miles between Pampa, Texas and Sayre, Oklahoma. The long distances were mostly because I had a pretty good tailwind pushing me along. Also, I had dropped nearly 3000 feet in elevation from the Texas Panhandle. About half the distance between Clinton and Watonga was along the historic Route 66 right-of-way.

My stops from Pampa, Texas were in Sayre, Clinton, Watonga, Kingfisher, Perkins, and Ponca City, Kansas and then now in Winfield, Kansas. The shortest ride was 10.2 miles between Watonga and Kingfisher.

There was a pretty bad storm brewing that caused headwinds close to 30 mph. I was really struggling making any headway going Eastward because of the winds. About ten miles out of Wautonga, a rancher picked me up in his truck and took the rest of the way into Kingfisher. We got into Kingfisher around 9:30 a.m. After stopping to be interviewed by the local newspaper and going to the library to check my email, I got connected with the Ministerial Association and they offered to get me a room at the local motel.

Because of all the "love offerings" that I received from the speaking at the churches in Texas, I was able to personally pay for some low-cost motel rooms in Sayre, Clinton, and Ponca City. I was surprised at finding some good rooms in the mid- to high-$20's. In Perkins, Oklahoma, I stayed in a cabin at the United Methodist Campgrounds. Tonight, I'm staying at a Bed-n-Breakfast owned by some members of the First Baptist Church in Winfield, Kansas.

Along the way, I spoke at three other churches. I got to speak for a few minutes during the end of the Wednesday night prayer meeting at the First Baptist Church. Today, I spoke during one of the Sunday School classes at the United Methodist Church in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Tonight, I got to speak to the small Bible Study class at the First Baptist Church in Winfield, Kansas.

My basic plans for the ride across Kansas would be to ride northward. From Winfield, I will probably be riding through Augusta, El Dorado, Eureka, Emporia, Council Grove, Manhattan, Clay Center, Blue Rapids, and Maryville. My first town in Nebraska will probably be Beatrice. I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change.



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