TRIP 2005

Update #14 - April 24th
Readlyn, Iowa - 4219 miles (6750 KM)

I had a pretty good six days off the road. Pastor Dave expressed to me that I could stay for as long as I needed to with him and his family but I'm way past the "Three Day Rule". Fish left in refrigerators can start to smell after three days. Sometimes guests can over-extend their welcome after three days. Besides, I'm getting a little "cabin fever" even though I kept myself physically active by taking several walks either in the country or around the small town.

The recumbent had been taken to a welding company in Plainfield that basically repaired farm equipment. Metal strips was welded to the rear fork so that the joint below the seat was strengthened. There were several micro-fractures in the tubing used to make the parts of the rear fork. Hopefully, the welds would make the frame last much longer until I can find a way to replace the recumbent with another one. After I sanded the welds down, I spray painted the rear fork with grey primer. Instead of trying to come up with yellow paint to match the color of the frame, I decided to leave the rear fork grey.

Thursday, I was invited to visit one of Pastor Dave's son's class at the local school after lunch. I packed the recumbent up and rode it to the school. The kids came outside to check out the bike. After about ten minutes, we all went into the classroom where I answered questions for about fifteen minutes.

This morning I went to the Sunday school class at Pastor Dave's ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran) Church. I got to share with the small group there. At the beginning of the service after the announcements, Pastor Dave called me up so that I could talk for about five minutes to the congregation. This was the 25th church that I got to speak at this year. After I got done talking, Pastor Dave surprised me by calling for an offering to be taken up for me. It was in the form of a "Noisy Offering". Coffee cans were passed around throughout the congregation and members put in loose change and some paper money. The offering came out to a little over $100. This was the third largest church donation given to me this year.

Tonight, I got the recumbent all packed up and ready to go. Tomorrow, I'll be heading out to Lansing, which is in the far left corner of Iowa. It will take me about two and a half days to get there. I'll be visiting some friends who I haven't seen in five years. I will possibly be just spending the night. From Lansing, I'll be crossing the Mississippi River to Wisconsin. After the crossing, I'll be heading south to the Granite City, IL area, which is right across from St. Louis, MO, to visit a Nazarene pastor friend of mine who had retired there.

After some obligations in the Midwest, I might be making a loop northward through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to ride along the Northern border of the U.S. and then ride through the Dakotas then. This would possibly be in either June or July.

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change.



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