TRIP 2005

Update #40 - August 30th
Americus, Georgia - 10,183 miles (16,293 KM)

As I mentioned before in a couple of past updates, my intentions after this stop in Americus were to head north to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I was hoping to take an extended period of time off the road to help and elderly friend there. It's still early in the year. I'll still be able to later on in the year.

Because of Hurricane Katrina, my heart is getting into disaster relief mode again. Part of my ministry is to help out with rebuilding and relief after a major disaster. If I'm within 500 miles (800 kilometers) of a disaster site, I will try and head there to help out. From where I am now, I am less than 300 miles from the disaster zone. I've helped out after 9 hurricanes, an earthquake, major flooding, and tornadoes.

Hopefully, the experience will be a lot better than last year after Hurricanes Charley and Frances. I ran into a bad crowd of relief workers who were with a disaster relief team of the American Red Cross in Ft. Pierce, FL. There were a couple of young guys who were hotshots and one of them damaged the tires on my recumbent bicycle. He didn't like my coming in and messing up with his relief effort.

Friday (which is Sept. 2nd), I be starting my trek down to the Alabama and Mississippi Coasts to see what I can do to help out. With what I've seen on television and heard on the radio, I'm pretty sure that I will not get completely to the Coasts since the infrastructure is pretty well wiped out.

I spoke at a Baptist Church in Biloxi, Mississippi, which was a few blocks north of the casino row, back in February of this year. I'm pretty because of the storm surge it had been destroyed. The church did have a good food pantry ministry and also provided meals for people who needed them several nights a week. Also, I have several friends in the Gulfport area. Prayers are going Heavenwards for them and also for the people affected in New Orleans. I have quite a few friends there.

I will try and get as close as I can. I do know that I'll have to go around Mobile, Alabama. The major bridge across the Mobile River that I normally use is closed because it was hit by a barge. If it is physically impossible for me to go to the hardest hit spots on the Coast, I'll head northward through Mississippi (following the path of the hurricane) to see what I can to do help out on my way northward to Indiana.

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change.



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