TRIP 2006

Update #05 - March 08th
Americus, Georgia - 475 miles ( 760 KM)

The planned start of this year's ride has been postponed a couple of more weeks but for a very good reason. Last month, I became a member of an international ecumenical association of Christian web designers (GNWDA - Good News Web Designers Association). There are about three hundred members from around the globe.

Early last week, I got an email from one of the members in Waco, Texas. Along with designing websites, he has a server that he hosts websites on. He contacted me to tell me that he wanted to host this website for free. Also, he said that he would also obtain my own personal domain name.

Having my ministry have it's own personal domain name was something that I always wanted and it was something that I could never obtain because of lack of funds. Also, I wanted to have more space.

Ever since this website was created in the Fall of 1998, it has been parked here at Yahoo!GeoCities. I started out around 9 MBytes of space on this server and now it's around 15 MBytes of space for free GeoCities websites. I'm going to have an extremely large amount of space on the new server. 3 GBytes (3000 MBytes) have been alloted to me for this website. Also, I will not have to deal with any kind of pop-ups.

The domain name became official last Thursday (March 2nd). I'm now in the process of moving this site to It will take me a while to do so since I've got to copy and paste the individual pages over to the new server. GeoCities Free doesn't support FTP (File Transfer Protocol). There are between 600 and 700 pages and once I get them pasted onto the new server, I have to change all of the links (about 3000+). I'm about a third done with the move of the text pages. I've got 17 more folders of text to move over. Then I will have 13 folders of images to move over. Along with having a new domain name, I have a new email address: revmyors"at"

I'm shooting to have this all done before the end of this month. I really hope to be back on the road by March 27th so that I can celebrate the 13th anniversary of my ministry. I'll be keeping the old Yahoo email account up throughout the rest of the year mostly as a back-up account. This website address will possibly disappear in three months.

From Americus, Georgia, I'll probably be heading back to Florida first. There's a good chance that I'll be heading back to the Florida Panhandle first since some new friends in the Destin area want to see me again. After the stop in the Florida Panhandle, I will be traveling to the Tampa area. I want to see how the people are doing in Arcadia and Wauchula. I was in those towns two years ago for Hurricanes Charley and Frances. Also, I've got some invites to stop and stay with some other people on the Eastern coast of Florida.

I will most likely stay on the East Coast up to the Hampton Roads - Virginia Beach area. Then I will be heading west. The farthest west that I will be traveling to this year will be Eastern Colorado (Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo).

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change.



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