TRIP 2006

Update #06 - March 20th
Americus, Georgia - 475 miles ( 760 KM)

Through some extremely long hours on the computer and the internet I was able to move this website over to the new server in record time. Because of this I could have gotten on the road back on Thursday, March 16th, but of course things happen to change your plans.

I've been staying with a very close friend here in Americus, GA for almost the past two months. I've known Richard for almost 11 years ever since I first came to Americus as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity International. He's very much like a younger brother to me (except for his flaming red hair). In fact, I've known him longer than I knew my real younger brother. Tomas was around 9 years old when my parents permantly cut ties with me after my acceptance of Y'SHUA as my MESSIAH.

Last week, Richard got word that his elderly mother (Laura - age 70) is seriously ill and possibly dying in the hospital back in Stateboro, GA. Laura was put into the hospital because of pneumonia. Richard had to rush back home and he had asked me to stay on to watch over the house. Richard is back here in Americus now but he'll leave again when needed. Laura was placed in a hospice care facility. She'll never be going back to her real home. Richard is really torn at the thought of losing his mother. He's an only child since his parent's divorced when he was around one years old.

To add further complications, my health has been affected. Back in 2000, I caught walking pneumonia while I was in Maine. They say that you never fully recover from it and you can get it again easily. Well, I think I got it again. In the mornings, especially when I first get out of bed, I've got a very serious deep cough that sometimes doubles me over. The coughing sessions are quite long and they can happen quite a few times during the day especially if I exert myself.

A friend of mine who is the deacon of the local Episcopal church and the president of the local ministerial alliance is trying to make arrangements for me to be able to go see a doctor since I can't directly because I don't have medical insurance. Hopefully, I'll be seen soon and I can get on the necessary antibiotic treatment so I can hopefully start this year's mission ride by the first of April. I really wished that I could be on the road by March 27th. March 27th is the 13th anniversary of the date when I headed east from Santa Monica, California on faith and really started this ministry.

From Americus, Georgia, I'll be heading back to Florida first. I was going to revisit the Florida Panhandle first but now I'll be taking a straighter path to the Orlando area and then on to the Tampa area. I want to see how the people are doing in Arcadia and Wauchula. I was in those towns two years ago for Hurricanes Charley and Frances. Also, I've got some invites to stop and stay with some other people on the Eastern coast of Florida.

I will most likely stay on the East Coast up to the Hampton Roads - Virginia Beach area. Then I will be heading west. The farthest west that I will be traveling to this year will be Eastern Colorado (Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo).

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change.



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