TRIP 2006

Update #07 - March 26th
Americus, Georgia - 475 miles ( 760 KM)

Things have changed again but this time for the better. With prayers and rest my health has gotten better. I don't seem to have that nagging cough, which I thought came from walking pneumonia, anymore (knock on wood). I didn't get to see a doctor last week. If I did go, he would have probably put me on some anti-biotic that I wouldn't have had the money to pay for anyway.

My friend, Richard, seems to be better considering that it has only been three days since he was at the graveside ceremony for his mother. He came back from Statesboro, Georgia yesterday. He doesn't show a lot of grief. He says that it is the way that his mother wanted him to act. There isn't really a need to stay on to comfort him.

I don't really have anything more to accomplish here in Americus, Georgia. The setting up this website at it's new home on the new server took much less time that I imagined that it would. After a little bit of research, I found a really fast way to re-edit all of the pages and then was able to batch send the files to the new server using ftp (file transer protocol). I was able to add back all of the stories from the road that I had written between 1993 and 2000 and were on the old website but I had to remove since I was worried about running out of byte space on the Yahoo!GeoCities server. I don't have that problem now. Also, I added in pdf form the collection of newspaper articles written about me and my ministry between 1993 and 2005 that I've got in a folder in the small box of personal belongings that I don't carry on the bicycle. Added to that are the 300 or so photographs that I have scanned and put into five folders on two different on-line photo sharing services on the web. I am not thinking about any other major additions to the website. This website is well over 800 pages long and takes up almost 120 MBytes of space.

Because of these things, I've decided to get back on the road tomorrow and officially start my 14th missionary bike tour of the United States. Tomorrow has a special significance to me also. Thirteen years ago tomorrow was when I left the Santa Monica, California pier and headed east towards the desert and really dedicated the ride that had started from Portland, Oregon on Feb 19, 1993 to ADONAI. I never thought that I would be on this adventure for thirteen years. Hard to imagine.

I am really thinking that hopefully this will be the best year. Hopefully, I might be getting more respect from pastors now that this website is has it's own domain name. Also, I got a lot of tentative invitations from individuals and pastors all over the country. I have tentative stops in at least 20 states.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking a short ride east to Cordele, Georgia. After that, I'll be heading south to Tifton and Valdosta, Georgia and then down to the Orlando, Florida. I imagine that it will take me at least eight days to ride to Orlando. Because I am starting about 11 days after the original start date of March 16th, I'll not be going down to the Tampa area to check out the areas that had been affected by Hurricanes Charley and Frances two years ago. I'm holding off on that till later on in the year possibly in November or December.

As I mentioned in the last update, I've got some invites to stop and stay with some other people on the Eastern coast of Florida. I will most likely stay on the East Coast up to the Hampton Roads - Virginia Beach area. There might be a revisit to the North Carolina Outer Banks. From Virginia Beach, I will be heading west in a rambling sort of way riding across Virginia and then on through West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee towards the Mississippi River and then heading west to Eastern Colorado (Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo).

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change.



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