TRIP 2006

Update #13 - May 19th
Warrensburg, Missouri
2065 miles ( 3304 KM) since March 27th, 2556 miles ( 4090 KM) since Jan 01st

Finally, I'm able to take a day off the road. It's been a long 16 days without a full day off from Wilmore, Kentucky. I've ridden 701 miles since leaving Wilmore on May 02nd. I was hoping to take a day off for every six days of cycling but it never happened. I'm glad to be able to have two nights in the same place

This will probably be another long entry so people who are sticklers in having splits in pages sorry. There's a lot to write about. I've met some really great people along the way. In Bridgeport, Kentucky, I met some fine people who are members of the Christian Church there who let me stay in the parsonage, provided me with a hot meal, gave me some food to take along from the church food pantry,went out to get me some inner tubes, a new pair of tennis shoes, and also slipped me some money to keep me going.

In Louisville, Kentucky; House Springs, Missouri; and Warrensburg, Missouri, I've had great visits with Warm Showers members, My host in House Springs, Missouri, even gave me an almost new pair of cycling shoes (my first real pair) that he had only worn once. Churches were my over-night stops in Bridgeport, Kentucky and Morrison, Missouri. Motel rooms were donated through churches in Marengo, Indiana; Dale, Harrisburg, and Murphysboro, Illinois; Perryville, Washington, Hermann, and Sedalia, Missouri. I had a spur of the moment home invite in Hartsburg, Missouri. The police in Carmi, Illinois also were helpful in providing me with a room.

One of the neatest encounters happened in Marion, Illinois. I had stopped at a gas station for a short break. The guy I talked with said that he was a recumbent rider and said that he thought that he had read something on an e-zine for recumbent riders. I told him that I was the guy. He was quite surprised at meeting me. We talked for about ten minutes. Before leaving, he asked me if he could help support my ministry. I told him that it would be okay but I didn't really ask for any money. He pulled out a bill from his wallet and I just put it in one of my pockets. When I checked it out, I was amazed to see that it was a hundred dollar bill. This is the second highest donation from one person this year.

I was able to speak at four churches along the way so I've now spoken at nine churches since leaving Americus, Georgia. These churches were the Christian Church in Bridgeport, Kentucky; Presbyterian Church in Norris City, Illinois; United Methodist Church in Hermann, Missouri; and the First Baptist Church in Sedalia, Missouri. The one church that didn't really want to help me was the big First Baptist Church in Festus, Missouri. This church seems to be having a lot of problems since they are starting the search for a new music director and head pastor at the same time.

I've got about 850 miles to ride to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Most of the ride across Kansas might be along the Trans American Bike Route but I've not really decided yet. I'll be crossing into Kansas just south of the Kansas City area tomorrow afternoon. I should be in Colorado Springs, Colorado sometime between June 05th and June 10th. I'll probably not be riding through Pueblo, Colorado as I had planned. I do hope to visit with as many Warm Showers members as I can across Kansas.

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change.



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