TRIP 2006

Update #17 - June 25th
Aurora, Nebraska
3435 miles ( 5496 KM) since March 27th,
3926 miles ( 6282 KM) since Jan 01st

Since leaving Greeley, Colorado, I have had problems with broken spokes. I didn't know of any broken spokes until I was a day and a half out of Greeley. Between Brush and Sterling, my first problem was with flat tires. My rear tire went soft because of goat head thorns. These thorns are small but really sharp. I had a problem with getting the tire inflated because the pump was acting up also. I was able to get the tube inflated enough so that I could walk the recumbent to the nearest house. I was happy that the guy had a mechanic shop. He put some slime in the tubes and inflated the tires. Since it was around lunch time, Thad invited me to have lunch with him and his family after he quick-tied three broken spokes on the non-cluster side. Before I got on the road, Thad surprised me by slipping me a $50 bill in a handshake. He told me that he wanted to help me with the bike repair.

The nearest bike shop was to be in Julesburg, Colorado. When I got into Julesburg, I found out that the shop was only open Friday and Saturday afternoons and it was Tuesday night when I got into town. The next bike shop would be in North Platte, Nrbraska nearly 100 more miles away. Between Julesburg, Colorado and North Platte, Nebraks, two more spokes broke. I was quite happy that I was able to get the rear wheel finally repaired in North Platte. The mechanic who repaired the wheel told me that they were quite surprised that I had gotten this far without bending the rim. I was also surprised that I wasn't charged anything for the repair.

Between Greeley, Colorado and Aurora, Nebraska, I slept in three churches along the way and had four motel rooms donated. I had to use my tent one night when I was at the KOA campground outside of Gothenburg, Nebraska. This wasn't a good night since a fast-moving thunderstorm went through the area right after midnight. It was good that I had staked down the tent and fly real tight and I camped near a row of trees that was a windbreak. The walls of the tent really flapped around for about twenty minutes but the tent stayed dry inside.

For most of the way across Nebraska, I've been cycling along U.S. 30, that is the Lincoln Highway. Next to the highway was the busy Union Pacific Railroad Line. Between North Platte and Gibbon, this section of railroad is the busiest railroad section in the country. There are three lines. Almost two hundred trains go through this section. Most of the trains were coal trains that had between one hundred twenty and two hundred cars filled with coal from the mines in Wyoming.

I am about 80 miles west of Lincoln. I've got at least two more days left of riding here in Nebraska. I should be crossing into Iowa sometime Wednesday. My first target stop in Iowa is either Woodward or Algona.

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change. The next update should be posted between July 2nd and July 9th.



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