TRIP 2006

Update #23 - August 19th
Redhook, New York
5803 miles ( 9284 KM) since March 27th,
6274 miles ( 10,070 KM) since Jan 01st

I had four good days off the road in Rochester. They could have been a little bit better if I had been staying in a better part of town. I was on the east end of the inner city. Late Friday night (Aug 11), I had to call 911 because of a loud disturbance across the street. I found out from my friend the next day that the house in question was a possible drug house.

There was a black lady yelling and banging on the metal front door that she wanted her money and her stuff. She must have gave the money to a dealer and he closed the door on her without giving her the drugs that she supposedly bought. The loud noise that I had thought was gunfire was her kicking the door. She was yelling in a loud voice that if she didn't get her stuff she would slash the tires of a car parked in front of the house. The noise kept up for over a half hour. It only ended after somebody had left the house and the lady followed him down the street and around the corner. My friend had slept through the whole thing in the back bedroom.

I did go to the Shema Yisrael Messianic Congregation. I was able to talk to the members. Afterwards, the rabbi took me out to dinner before he took me home. It was amazing on how similar our lives were. Also Sunday afternoon, I got interviewed live on a Messianic radio show called "Bagels and Blessings".

The ride from Rochester went okay. Most of the time I rode along the route of the old Erie Canal. This was designated at Bike Route 5. Monday night (Aug 14), I stayed with some friends of mine who lived in Palmyra. They were also recumbent riders. I spent most of the time riding along the old Erie Canal route. Tuesday night (Aug 15), I stayed at the First Presbyterian Church in Chittenango.

I had known the pastor of the church for almost ten years and this was the fourth time that I had stopped in Chittenango. There is a standing invitation that if I ever come back on a Saturday and stay over I can give the Sunday morning sermon. Wednesday night, I took the chance in getting a motel room in Palentine Bridge. It had been a long day of 81 miles that lasted till well after dark. I had a good headlight that my friend in Palmyra had given me. The manager of the motel gave me a discount of $25 for the room.

When I got into Albany late Thursday (Aug 17) afternoon, I had a big scare. Just before I got up a big hill, I heard a loud noise coming up front like metal breaking and the pedals froze up. I quickly got off the bike and carried out of the road onto a sidewalk to check it out. Somehow, the bottom bracket became loose and the left cone had come so loose that it was hitting the pedal. The force of my leg stroke had jammed the cone into the pedal and cracked it. I didn't notice it before since the bottom bracket was hidden by the handlebar. I wasn't sure what to do. I wasn't able to get hosted by one of the Warm Showers Members. It was around 5:30 p.m. and I didn't know where a bike shop was.

It was a miracle that there was a bike shop about a half block away. It was open till 7 p.m. The owner of the shop was free so he got right on it. The only thing that needed to be replaced was the left cone. In about 40 minutes I was back on the road. I finished the ride through Albany and crossed the Hudson River to start the ride south on NY 9 (Bike Route 9). I used my headlight again and rode on in the dark and found a place to camp out in the woods north of Stuyvesant. I was amazed that when I found out in the morning that I had pitched my tent less than twenty feet from the highway.

Friday night (Aug 18), I stayed at the United Methodist Church in Red Hook. The minister was really friendly. The church was very social ministry conscious. They had a food bank and were getting ready to send another team to Biloxi and Pearlington, Mississippi. I had a pretty good night camping out in the parlor. Before heading out this morning, the pastor took me out to breakfast. Tonight, I opted to get a motel room. I knew that the rates would be a little high because this was a weekend. There were good chances of rain over the night and I didn't want to camp out or pack up a wet tent. One of the pluses was free wireless internet.

Tomorrow after church, I will heading down to the Bear Mountain Bridge in Harriman State Park. I've got about 70 miles to ride to the George Washington Bridge at New York City. I'll be spending two nights with a new Warm Showers friend in Staten Island. I should be in Staten Island on Tuesday. I'll be glad to have a few days off the road after eight days in a row.

Sometime Monday, I will be hitting a milestone. I'm 58 miles short of passing the 160,000 mile mark.

I'll try and post and update as often as I can if my plans change. The next update should be posted between August 26th and September 04th.



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