TRIP 2007

Update #12 - May 01st
North Edgecomb, Maine
3623 miles (5796 KM) since Jan 01st
2782 miles (4451 KM) since March 03

It's been eight days since I got my new recumbent. The ride has been really great. I've got 421 miles ( 674 KM) on it. My average has been 52 miles ( 83 KM) per day. From Mystic, Connecticut on April 22, I pushed on to North Kingston, Rhode Island where I camped out in the woods. I rode 44 miles ( 80 KM) with the last 12 miles ( 19 KM) in the dark using my headlight and a new rear flasher. On April 23rd, I pushed on through Providence, Rhode Island to North Attleboro, Massachusetts. In the morning, I got interviewed by the editor of the Warwick, Rhode Island "Beacon" newspaper (the article came out on the 24th both in print and on the web at I rode from North Attleboro to Concord on April 24th. I spent the night with a Warm Showers member.

I rode to Salem, New Hampshire from Concord, Massachusetts on April 25th. There was some rain. I had a neat thing happen at one of the gas stations that I stopped at. I was just wanting to get out of the rain a bit. There was a deli. As I was getting ready to leave, one of the ladies in the deli called out through the carry-out window if I wanted to have a hot roast beef sandwich. When I got inside, there was the hot roast beef sandwich, some chips, a drink, and a pear. The meal was pretty good. One of the ladies gave me the contents of the tip jar.

I thought that it would be better to cross back into Massachusetts first instead of going straight east to the short coast of New Hampshire on April 26th. This was a good decision because the ride along U.S. 1 was quite flat. I had a bit of a time getting over to the Memorial Bridge to get from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Kittery, Maine. Because I had some extra money I stopped at the first motel that I came across in Cape Neddick. I got a good rate. The next day (April 27th) was a short day because of rain so I stopped at a motel in Ogunquit that had reduced rates.

Saturday (April 28th) I rode from Ogunquit to Freeport where I had a home visit with a Warm Showers member. I was given the chance to have a day off Sunday, April 29th. The weather was bad anyway. My new friend, Rachel, helped me out by sewing on the denim fabric on the recumbent seat back to give it more strength and also to keep the rain from splashing on to the back of my seat. I should have tried to take Monday, April 30th off also since it rained for most of the day. The rain and the cold weather really got me chilled by the time I got into Rockland. Along the way, I had to get another pair of gloves because the ones I had were really wet. It was almost 8 p.m. when I connected with the Warm Showers member in Rockland. John came out to get me on his bicycle and he escorted me back to his home.

This morning (May 1st) I was planning to head north up to Houlton. Houlton is at least 275 more east and north from where I was. I had gone as far north as Calais. Before leaving John's house around 7:40 a.m., I saw the weather report on TV. It concerned me a bit since I saw that there was a snow storm near the Canadian Border. I wasn't sure how far south the snow was. I had seen some small piles of snow along the shoulder yesterday. Some ski parks had gotten over 94 inches starting around the first of February. There was a stiff headwind coming from the north.

Several times between Rockland and Rockport it felt like I was traveling through Jello. It seemed like something the Holy Spirit was telling me that it wasn't a good decision for me to keep on going more north. It was one of my mistakes back in January that I didn't heed this warning as I was heading up the California coast. On the radio, I heard that the temperature in Houlton was just 36 degrees. This was at least 17 degrees colder than where I was now. At a gas station, I called a friend of mine back in Georgia. He told me that I was a little crazy being in Maine this time of year.

All of these things were telling me that I needed to end my trip going north and start my trip westward to New York. I turned the bike around and headed back down U.S. 1 to North Edgecombe where I had seen a motel that had rates in the mid-thirties. Tomorrow, I'm going to either backtrack to either Brunswich or Wiscasset and head SW to New York. I'm going to ride to Concord and Keene, New Hampshire and then between Brattleboro and Bennington, Vermont and then on to Albany, New York. I was thinking about going more northerly to Rutland, Vermont but I might hit some more snow at Sherburne Pass north of Pico Peak.

I'll try and post an update as often as I can if my plans change. The next update should be posted between May 08th and May 15th



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