TRIP 2008

Update #06 - March 12th
Corinth, Mississippi
508 miles (813 KM)

This is the first update from the road or 2008. On March 03rd, I left Americus, Georgia around 8 a.m. The ride west to Columbus, Georgia went real well but I wished that I had been able to take a few more training rides before heading out. I was hosted by the First United Methodist Church in downtown Columbus. The next day, March 04th, was an unexpected off-day because of some strong winds and rain from a storm that came through the area that morning. I was given the chance to speak at the men's breakfast at the First United Methodist Church. I also had a meeting with the pastor at the First Presbyterian Church. They were my hosts for Tuesday night.

Wednesday, March 05th, I had a good ride between Columbus, Georgia and Auburn, Alabama. My hosts for the night was the First United Methodist Church. I will be writing about all of the compassion ministries that the church is involved in on the Church Hall of Fame page real soon. The following night (March 05th), I stayed at the First Presbyterian Church in Wetumpka, Alabama. This was the second time that I had stayed at the church. Friday night (March 06th) was an off-night since I was not able to make any connections with the ministers in Montevallo. I actually did some night riding and I was finally able to find some place to pitch my tent behind a church in the Indian Springs area near Birmingham around 10:30 p.m. Saturday morning (March 07th), I woke up to a light dusting of snow. It was a slow ride to Brookwood March 08th because I was riding over the Appalachian Foothills in North Alabama. I got into Brookwood around dusk. I met up with some very nice police officers. After connecting with some of the local ministers,one of the officers transported me and my bike to a motel in Cottondale.

The little Baptist Church in Gordo, Alabama was my host March 09th. The youth of the church put on the Sunday evening service and the skit that the high school kids did was really powerful. The First Baptist Church in downtown Columbus, Mississippi was my host March 10th. Yesterday March 11th, I had my first flat for the year (front) and also my first home-visit for the trip. This was arranged through the First United Methodist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi. Tonight (March 12th), I'm staying for the night in the youth room of the First United Methodist church.

Tomorrow morning, I have a 4 mile ride to the Tennessee State Line. Tomorrow night, I'm going to be hosted by the minister of one of the Covenant Presbyterian Church. I am looking forward to see how much damage there is in the area after the February tornadoes but due to the missed day of cycling on March 04th, I'll not be able to spend the day to see if there is anything that I could help out with.

I need to keep my schedule from now on since I've got to get to the Centenary United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Illinois for their Maundy Thursday night service in eight days. There's a possibility of some press coverage when I get there.

Well, this is all I think I need to write now. The next update should be posted between March 19th and March 26th.



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