TRIP 2008

Update #10 - April 11th
Algona, Iowa
1535 miles (2456 KM)

This is the fifth update from the road. Winter has not left. This should be Spring but it is not. For the last couple of days it has only been in the 40s. A massive Low is crossing the northern section of the country. It has caused tornadoes about 120 miles to the south and snow flurries about 50 miles to the north of me. I've been staying put here in Algona for the past couple of days because of high winds from the back side of the storm.

I came up here to Wednesday sort of on a feeling like I needed to come back here for some reason. Since I got into the state, I thought about coming to Algona again. The last time that I was here was back in July 2006. I had stayed with a friend of mine who had come up from New Zealand to take care of her father's business. I also spoke at the Calvary Assembly of G-D Church.

I rode up from Humboldt. I was looking forward to worship with the people at the church, possibly spend the night at the church, and then head west to Sheldon and Spencer before heading Southwest to Fremont, Nebraska to get back on my route. I got into Algona around noon and I stopped at the church. It was a disappointment for me to find out that the pastor had gone down to Houston to see his ailing mother. The pastor's wife was there and she welcomed me. I spent a good night at the church. I got to talk to the youth. After the service, I stayed for the night in the nursery, which happened to be the old parsonage that was built into the church.

What was so interesting was that my friend happened to be here in town. I didn't know this. She had come back to the States last week but I thought that she was in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Diane was here to complete the sell of her father's apartment building. We had a great reunion even though it was kind of short.

I was hoping to get back on the road yesterday but they were some pretty bad storms. I decided to get me a room at the Super 8 since I had some money from the donations that I was given the past couple of weeks. The manager gave me a good discount on the room since they were not full. I stayed over today since there was supposed to be more bad weather.

Even though there might be the chance for snow flurries, I'll be heading back to Humboldt tomorrow. There should be some strong winds coming from the north that will possibly push me along. I'll probably be staying at the Methodist Church where I had stayed Monday and Tuesday of this week. I plan to worship at the church and then maybe head out to Ft. Dodge and spend the night there. From Ft. Dodge, I'll be getting back on my route to Nebraska. Hopefully, I'll avoid any more bad weather and snow. By the end of next week, the temperature is supposed to get up to around 70 degrees.

Well, this is all I think I need to write now. The next update should be posted between April 18th and April 25th.



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