TRIP 2008

Update #17 - July 16th
Plymouth, Minnesota
5981 miles (9570 KM)

This is the twelfth update from the road. It has been over two weeks since I've been able to post an update. I'm not sure when the next time will be but I will take any opportunity that I can get on the web to try and update this website as often as I can.

I had three good days off the road with my new friend in Williston, North Dakota. I was able to get "Alice" (my recumbent) worked on and I was able to get the sliders on the zippers of my panniers replaced. I spent July 04th riding between Williston and Stanley, North Dakota. Along the way in North Dakota, most of the towns had parks where they had free camping. I took advantage of the parks several times.

Most of the nights were quiet but this wasn't the case in Towner, North Dakota. Because of some possible thunderstorms coming through the area, I camped on the concrete floor of the picnic shelter. The thunderstorms didn't happen till after midnight but it was a lot noisier before midnight. Some of the locals were shooting fireworks. Instead of shooting them vertically, they were shooting them horizontally as bazookas at their vehicles. One car in the middle was being hit in the front and at the back. The fireworks were flying every where and one came quite close to where I was.

It took me about six days to ride across North Dakota. I crossed into Minnesota on July 09th. I followed U.S. 2 to Grand Rapids, Minnesota where I had turned south towards Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was sort of sad leaving U.S. 2 since I had followed it across most of five states at a distance of 1,554 miles. I arrived here in the Plymouth area yesterday afternoon. Today was my first full day off the road since leaving Williston, North Dakota back on July 03rd. I had ridden 786 miles (1258 KM) since the last day off. I had a bit of a surprise when my friends offered to go out and get me some new tennis shoes and also a new tent. I've been really needing a new tent since the fiberglass poles of the old tent were both busted. The poles on the new tent are aluminum. I've got almost double the space in the tent but the bag is three-quarters the size of the old tent.

I'll be getting back on the road tomorrow morning. My next major stop will be Racine, Wisconsin. After that I will have stops in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; Joliet, Illinois; Valpareiso, Indiana; Traverse City, Michigan; (possibly Bay City, Michigan); and Fremont, Ohio.

Nothing much else to write about.

I'm hoping to find some way that I could post another update around the end of this month.



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