TRIP 2008

Update #18 - August 01st
Bay City, Michigan
7005 miles (11,208 KM)

This is the thirteenth update from the road. It has been over two weeks since I've been able to post an update. I'm not sure when the next time will be but I will take any opportunity that I can get on the web to try and update this website as often as I can.

It's been a busy two weeks with cycling. The miles have gone by fast and so have the states. Since my last update, I've cycled across Wisconsin, Northeastern Illinois (around Chicago), Northwest Indiana, halfway up and across the lower peninsula of Michigan (963 miles (1541 KM)). I've been pushing myself again. It's a habit. I have told myself that I would limit the day mileage to around 50 miles per day but most of the days have been between 60 and 90 miles per day. According to the schedules that I had made in February, I am between 22 and 29 days ahead of schedule. I've got to find some way to either stay put for a few days or I'm going to have to extend my trip some how on the way to Washington, D.c.

I also was planning to try and take a day off each week (usually a Sunday) but that hasn't the case so it's been 15 days since I haven't stayed put some place for 24 hours or more. I did sort of have a half of a day off the road a couple of days ago but it was only because it took a long time for me to do a major repair on the recumbent. Somehow, the chain got twisted up while I was changing a flat rear tire and I had to break the chain and put it back together. It took me four tries to get the chain to go the right way. Having a chain that is almost three times the length of one on a regular bike didn't make the task any easier and the Easy Racer/Sun recumbent has a unique path that the chain has to follow to make sure that there is the proper tension on the chain.

I'm really liking the new tent that my friends (in the Plymouth, Minnesota area) had gotten for me. It takes me four minutes to set it up and it's well over double the size of my old tent. It's almost big enough to put my recumbent in. The first time that I slept in it I got kind of lost in it and I rolled off my sleeping pad several times. Having the two doors with their screen windows get's more air into the tent during hot summer nights. I also tell people that I've got an escape hatch now if a bear or other wild animal tries to come into one door I've got the other door to escape out of. I so good at putting up the tent I can do it in almost total darkness and not using a flashlight.

I had the chance to speak at one church along the way these past two weeks. This was the First Baptist Church in Fremont, Michigan during the Wednesday night prayer service. There was to be another speaking engagement at the Church of the Nazarene in Valpereiso, Indiana but the pastor didn't remember that I had initially contacted him back in February to set up the church stop. I had even contacted him via email early last month to tell him that I was several weeks ahead of schedule. This missed chance to speak had really put a dent in what I was hoping to be able to spend the next couple weeks but things are really not that bad and I still have a couple of days of food left in my food pannier and some money in my wallet.

The one big plus that happened these past two weeks is that my front and rear tires have been replaced. I really needed this done since the tires had well over 5,000 miles on them. I got the chance to replace the rear tire at Sprockets Bike and Board in Tomah, Wisconsin (got the tire at a reduced cost) and the Rock and Road Cycle Shop in South Haven, Michigan provided for free and brand new front tire. Thanks to both shops. Hopefully, these tires will last me the rest of the way back home to Georgia.

I'll be getting back on the road tomorrow morning. From Bay City, I have tentative stops in Davison, New Hudson, and Monroe, Michigan; Fremont, Bellevue, Hinkley, and Canton, Ohio; Wheeling, West Virginia, and Connellsville, Pennsyvania. Between Connellsville, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., I will be following several bike trails and I'm looking forward to them especially the C&P Trail since I will be crossing the Appalachians by going through the mountain in an old train tunnel that is a mile and a half long. I will also be following the historic C&O Towpath between Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and Leesburg, Virginia and then getting on the W&OD Bike Path between Leesburg, Virginia and Washington, D.C. From Connellsville, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., there should be around 280 miles (448 km) of car (and truck) free riding.

I'm hoping to find some way that I could post another update around the middle of this month.



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