TRIP 2008

Update #24 - November 13th
Americus, Georgia
8968 miles (14,349 KM)

Since the writing of the last update, a lot of things that happened. It's been less than two weeks since I've posted an update. "Alice" (my recumbent) was overhauled and tuned up at CycleWorld bike shop in Albany, Georgia. It runs almost as good as it was when I got it back in April of 2007 in Connecticut. I've taken quite a few training rides on it unloaded and almost fully loaded. I'm very confident that it will perform great on my next trip.

Speaking of the next trip, it will be starting in less than 48 hours. I am sort of looking forward to it since I've got a mild case of cabin fever. Early Saturday morning (December 25th), I will be heading out to the Galveston, Texas area in hopes that I will be able to help out with the recovery and rebuilding effort after Hurricane Ike. My tentative route is around 1,066 miles (1,705 KM) long and I should arrive in the Galveston area Thursday, December 11th. I was hoping to arrive in the Galveston area sooner but I had to plan each day's ride to be under 60 miles because I will be losing more and more daylight each day.

My first stop will be in the Perry, Georgia where I will be speaking at a church in the area Sunday morning. After Perry (Clinchfield), Georgia, I will have tentative nightly stops in Reynolds and Columbus, Georgia; Union Springs, Troy, Greenville, Monroeville, and Jackson, Alabama; Waynesboro, Hattiesburg, Columbia, McComb, and Woodville, Mississippi; New Roads, Opelousas, Kinder, Lake Charles, and Vinton, Louisiana; Port Arthur, Liberty, Baytown, Alvin, and Freeport, Texas. Through advanced planning, I already have planned stopped in some of the towns already.

Another thing that happened is that I will have better access to the internet while on the road. Through a friend's help, I was able to purchase a new ASUS EEE PC 4G Surf netbook. The computer is just 8 3/4 x 6 1/2 x 1 inch and it weighs under two pounds. There is a great 7 inch screen, a full 82 key keyboard, touch-pad mouse, three USB ports, built in wireless modem, and built-in ethernet modem. The operating system is the Xandros version of Linux and there is a lot of pre-installed software. You can buy one with Windows XP but they are a little bit more expensive but with two built in HTML text editors and a great File Manager with FTP capabilities you can very easily connect to your server and update your website if you have one. I'm am doing this right now. There are some great Forums where you can get good advice from experts and other users of the Asus netbooks.

My next update (which will be the first one from the road this coming trip) will be posted between November 28th and December 03rd.



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