TRIP 2009

Update #03 - February 07th
Americus, Georgia
264 miles (422 KM) since Jan 01st

Last week was a week that I really didn't want to do any hard thinking. A very good and close friend of mine passed away Tuesday morning. My good friend was Millard Fuller. In 1976, he founded with his wife, Linda, Habitat for Humanity and later on in 2005 the Fuller Center For Housing. I first met Millard in 1995 when I arrived here in Americus, Georgia on a cold and wet November Day to start volunteering as a "snow bird" at Habitat. We had become close friends since then. In 2000, I was one of his assistants in the executive department.

The last time that I saw him was January 08th. He picked me up to take me out for lunch at one of the local restaurants. It was good seeing him again but he was not feeling well. He was suffering from some kind of cold with congestion that he told me that he had for about a month. I was concerned that it might have been walking pneumonia. He told me that he was going in for a physical early the next week. On the way back to where I was staying, we stopped at a local pharmacy so Millard could get some over-the-counter medicine.

Sometime around Tuesday morning, Millard was complaining about chest pains, breathing problems, and not being able to breathe very well. He was taken to our local hospital here in Americus. Since this hospital is only a temporary one (our real hospital got destroyed in an early Spring tornado a couple of years ago) Millard was transferred to a hospital in Albany, Georgia about 40 miles away. Millard's heart stopped somewhere between the two hospitals and they couldn't revive him. He was 74 years old. Millard was making big plans to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary to Linda in late August with a blitz build of 100 homes around the word and was to be centered in Millard's hometown of Lanett, Alabama. Millard wanted me to try and make it to Lanatt the first week in September to help out in the blitz build there.

I can still remember how excited Millard was when he first found out that I was a Messianic Jew and that I had made the trip by bicycle to come and work with his organization for a while. That first winter, Millard would seek me out and have me meet all of his special visitors. It got to be a little embarrassing since I didn't want to be singled out for special treatment.

Millard was buried at Koinonia Farms outside of Americus Wednesday moring in a simple service not too far away from his mentor Clarence Jordan. I was one of the five hundred or so mourners in attendance. I am truly going to miss him.

The one thing that you will notice on this website is that there is no longer a scroll-down site map menu bar at the top of each page. I decided to take it off of the pages since it was kind of redundant and not very accurate. I have added a lot of new pages and sections on the website and these additions were not on the menu bar. It would have been very hard to change all of the code for the menu bar on each of the 1000 pages of the website with each new page or section. Everything can be found on the Site Map.

The next update should be between February 14 and February 21.



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