TRIP 2009

Update #07 - March 29th
Silver Springs, Florida
339 miles (542 KM) since March 22nd
602 miles (964 KM) since January 01st

The trip has been going on for one week now. There has been some little problems but nothing really major. On the very first day out, I had to make an emergency stop at the bike shop in Albany, GA to get a new tire. The casing in the tread came apart. I had to ride on a bumpy tire for 12 miles but the tire didn't blow up. The old tire had around 2,500 miles of touring on it and a little over 400 miles of riding around Americus. The thing that got me was that I was charged $6 to have the tire installed on the wheel. I spent the night with a friend who is now the deacon at the Episcopal Church in Albany.

My next day was riding to Moultrie to stay with some friends who I hadn't seen in five years. About five miles out of Moutrie, I had to stop alongside the road to check on the tire because it wasn't tracking properly. It was a surprise when I found out that the person at the bike shop had put the tire on backwards. The tread was going in the wrong way. I was amazed at how tall my friend's daughter was. We went to watch her play soccer at the high school.

Before getting on the road, Wednesday morning, I was surprised at being asked to speak to a men's Bible study at Y.M.C.A. The ride to Tallahassee, Florida went okay except that I was riding against the wind. I spent the night with somebody who was with CouchSurfing and he was a student at the university. I had a pretty good time.

I was concerned about some bad weather so I made a short ride to Perry. I wasn't able to make prior contacts with a minister in Perry so I got a motel room. The manager gave me a discount on the room. Friday morning, I rode from Perry to High Springs to stay with one of my MySpace friends. I didn't make it all the way because of a fast moving rain storm so my friend came and got me to take me to their home in the country. Friday was also a special day for me since it was the sixteenth anniversary of my ministry and I had passed the 189,000 mile mark.

From High Springs, I was going to ride south to the Tampa - Sarasota area. I wasn't able to make connections that I needed/ wanted to in Lakeland, Orlando, and Tampa. Because of this, I decided to go on to Ocala and have that be my southernmost point in Florida and then make my way over to the Atlantic Ocean and start my trip up the coast to Maine. Because of the threat of more rain showers, I just rode to Gainesville where I had stayed with another MySpace friend. Today, I rode from Gainesville to Silver Springs where I was blessed by a motel room and a meal by another MySpace friend.

Because of my shortening my route in Florida by a week, I will celebrate Easter in Charleston, South Carolina instead of Brunswich, Georgia. I also am glad to have some extra days that I could use when I get to Maine. I readjusted my tentative schedule to reflect the my changes.

The next update should be between April 05 and April 12.



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