TRIP 2009

Update #14 - May 17th
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
2421 miles (3874 KM) since March 22nd
2685 miles (4296 KM) since January 01st

My trip up the East Coast is almost over. I'm within 500 miles (800 KM) of Topsfield, Maine north of Calais where I will be turning westward to Colorado. The ride from Norwalk, Connecticut has been okay but I still had to deal with a few minor bike problems. I stayed an extra day in Norwalk so my friend, Gil, could help me out by respoking the rear wheel. A spoke had broken on the non-drive side. Gil also replaced the rotor for my front disc brake since it had a wobble and was constantly hitting the disc pads on both sides.

I had to stop along side the road and put on the new disc pads that I've been keeping for at least nine months. Coming into Old Saybrook, Connecticut, I had to stop at a bike shop to get a new front wheel. The casing had failed like the tire had on my first day out from Americus, Georgia. I actually got a better tire than what I had but it came from an unusual source. The bike shop owner took it off of a three-wheeled stroller and he sold it to me for $10. Usually, a 20x1.5 tire with 80 psi goes for around $30.

I've had some interesting places to stop at along the way. In New Haven, Connecticut, I stayed overnight with a young couple in a third-floor walk-up apartment not too far away from the university. Grace Episcopal Church in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and Grace United Methodist Church in Westerly Rhode Island were my homes for the night. The praise team at the Memorial Baptist Church in North Seekonk, Massachusetts gave me a $100 donation so that I could get a motel room in South Seekonk, Massachusetts near the interstate and have some extra spending money. The pastor at the Community United Methodist Church in the Natick - Wayland, Massachusetts area gave me another monetary donation so that I could get another motel room so that I could get some rest and dry things out after being in the rain for most of the day. Last night and tonight I am staying with some new friends that I've met through CS (CouchSurfing) in the Hampton Beach, New Hampshire area.

Currently, I am around seven or eight days ahead of my tentative schedule. I am thinking about changing my route across New York. I was going to ride SW from St Albans, Vermont to Albany, New York and ride along the path of the old Erie Canal that I've done quite a few times before but I've decided to ride along the St Lawrence Seaway at the Northern Edge of New York instead. I rode up the St Lawrence Seaway four years ago.

The next update should be between May 23 and May 30.



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