TRIP 2009

Update #18 - June 13th
Village of North East, Pennsylvania
3043 miles (4969 KM) since March 22nd
3680 miles (5888 KM) since January 01st

It's been 670 miles (1,072 KM) since my last update back in Burlington, Vermont. For the most part, the ride across New York along the St Lawrence Seaway went really well. From Burlington, I took the northern ferry across Lake Champlain to Plattburgh, New York. I spent my first night in New York with a 63 year old guy who was taking care of his 94 year old father outside of Chazy. The guy had stopped me across the street from his house and invited me to stay with them. The 94 year old man was really spry. I went with him down the road to a huge chicken egg plant. I was amazed at how good of a driver he was. They also had some neat pet pygmy goats out back. I took quite a few pictures of them.

After my stop in Chazy (June 01st), I headed to Champlain, which was about a mile south of the Canadian Border, and headed west on US. 11. I had a two day ride along the St Lawrence Seaway with nightly stops in Malone (June 02nd), Massena (June 03rd), and Alexandria Bay (June 04th). I had another bear run across the road in front of me between Malone and Massena. At Alexandria Bay, I turned south to Central New York. In Pulaski on June 05th, I stayed with a Baptist minister friend of mine and his family.

My plan for June 06th from Pulaski was going to be heading south a little bit on US 11 and then turn west towards Rochester but a bridge was out a few miles south of Pulaski so I had to find another route. I decided to take NY 13 to the Chittenango area. I was a friend of the minister of the Presbyterian Church in Chittenango and I had an open invitation to speak at the church. It was interesting that my arrival in Chittenango was during their Oz Festival. Chittenango was the home of L. Frank Baum who was the author of the Wizard of Oz. At the festival, there were three of the original Little People who were the Munchkins in the movie. On Sunday, June 07th, I spoke at both services and to the senior youth Sunday school class.

Geddes (just east of Syracuse) was my next stop on June 08th where I was hosted by another CouchSurfing member. The next day (June 09th) I did a long ride to Macedon where I stayed at the home of another Baptist minister friend. At Macedon, I got on the Erie Canal Towpath for about 100 miles through the Rochester area to Lockport. Along the trail, I stayed in a very expensive motel room in Medina on June 10th. At Lockport, I got back on NY Bike Route #5 to Niagara Falls area where I spent the night of June 11th. During my ride through the Buffalo area, I had an escort from a 63 year old retired Navy reserve man because I couldn't make any sense of the bike trail system. I spent my last night in New York (June 12th) camped out on a cliff overlooking Lake Erie in my tent just west of Silver Creek.

Tonight, I'm the guest of the First Presbyterian Church in the village of North East, Pennsylvania. After church tomorrow morning, I have about an eighteen mile ride into Erie, Pennsylvania and a 41 mile ride to the Ohio State Line. I'm on my way to speak at a Methodist Church in the Canton, Ohio area next Sunday. Monday, June 15th, will be my 53rd birthday..

From Canton, Ohio, my schedule is open. I was supposed to be speaking at two Methodist churches in East Central Illinois but the invitation to speak was canceled. Because of this and that I'm at least almost a week ahead of my revised schedule, I've taken down my revised schedule. I am looking at riding to Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they are rebuilding after major flooding last year.

The next update should be between June 20 and June 27.



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