TRIP 2009

Update #20 - July 02nd
Savanna, Illinois
4500 miles (7200 KM) since March 22nd
4764 miles (7622 KM) since January 01st

This is my second full day off the road here in Savanna, Illinois. Tuesday (June 30th) I didn't do any riding but I didn't do very much resting since I was helping out at a friend's bike shop in Thomson, Illinois. My last full day off the road was June 07th in Chittenango, New York. I had pedaled 1,203.17 miles (1,925.07 KM) since then. Between 9 PM on June 30 and 7 AM on July 02, I slept around 27 hours in three long segments. My bioclock seems to be permanently on Eastern Standard Time right now no matter what time zone that I am in.

At my friend's bike shop ( Arnold's) in Thomson, Illinois, Alice got worked on some. The steering column was shortened almost 3 inches (7.6 CM). The handlebar is now about mid-chest instead of being high enough that I could have rested my chin on it. This should stop the pain in my left shoulder some. The handlebar was shortened also by about 6 inches (15.2 CM). A rear spoke had to be replaced on my rear tire. The one that I had replaced in Connecticut must have been a little long since it had a slight "S" curve in it. New tires, thorn-proof inner tubes, and tuffy strips were installed on the wheels. These tires should last me the rest of the trip. The front derailleur was adjusted some along with the rear disc brake. Alice will feel a little bit different when I head out again on Monday, July 06th. My head is also sporting a new helmet since there were a couple of cracks in the shell.

From Nappannee, Indiana, I basically rode straight west across the state and took a jog to the south to avoid riding through the Gary, Indiana area. Across Illinois, I rode along the I&M (Illinois and Michigan) Canal Bike Path and the Hennepin Canal Bike Path. There were a few sections that were closed because of wash outs. The only problem that I had was being escorted out of town by the local police in Atchinson, Illinois because I tried to camp out in the city park. I had left the Hennepin Canal to ride to Atchinson to get some water since there were no safe water sources along the canal. At Corola, Illinois, which is the western terminus of the Hennepin Canal, I had to do some road riding to Moline, IL where I headed north on the Great River Bike Path along the Mississippi River. These bike paths are part of the Grand Illinois Trail.

Theoretically, I am about at the halfway mark for this trip. From Savanna, Illinois, I will be riding north along the east side of the Mississippi River to Prairie Du Chen, Wisconsin; crossing the Mississippi River at Lansing, Iowa; and then heading north again along the west side of the Mississippi River to the Minneapolis - St Paul, Minnesota area to visit with some friends in Plymouth. Because of my route changes, I am actually four weeks ahead of the schedule that I had planned in March before the trip started. I was actually supposed to arrive here in Savanna until August 05th.

From Plymouth, Minnesota, I will be swinging southward to North Central Iowa to visit with some friends there. After my stopover in Iowa, I will be riding across the rest of Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska to Eastern Colorado. One of the stops along the way will be in Greensburg, Kansas. Ninety-five percent of Greensburg was destroyed by an EF-5 tornado on May 4, 2007. I hope to learn some "green-technology" rebuilding.

The next update should be between July 09 and July 16.



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