TRIP 2010

Update #02 - January 23rd
Americus, Georgia
00.00 miles (00.00 KM)

I have been remiss in posting something but not much has been happening since the first update of the year. Because of this, I'm not going to keep a regular schedule of making postings until I get back on the road. I've pushed back my start date. I was hoping to be on the road Friday, February 19th, which would be the seventeen anniversary of this adventure but because of the lack of things happening to faciliate the start of the upcoming trip I am pushing back the start date to around Monday, March 15th.

There are a couple of reasons for the change of date. Winter has been colder than what I had anticipated even here in Southwest Georgia. We had a two period of below than normal temperatures where the evening temperature got below freezing. I just do not want to get caught to wearing five layers of clothing for a long period of time. I'll riding about 5,000 feet above seal level for a while and I don't want to hit any snow.

Another reason is that I haven't been able to start getting the supplies that I need to head out. Back in mid-October of last year, I was given notice from one of the local churches that they wanted to sponsor my minstry through their mission fund. I was told to submit a wish list of things that I needed for my ministry. Well, this wish list hasn't been fulfilled and I'm not sure if it is going to happen. The head minister of the church has canceled our last two scheduled meetings and I'm not sure when or if we are going to have another meeting. He canceled via email the first of the missed meetings and he didn't show up for the second one.

I've tried communicating with the head minister through emails or phone calls but I've not gotten a response back. I've stopped at the church a couple of times last week but the head minister wasn't there. I was able to talk to the assistant minister but they didn't know anything and they will make an effort to tell the head minister about my frustration. Hopefully, I can get this state of limbo resolved next week and really know whether the church is going to go ahead with their offer to support me or not.

I really need to get some items replaced on my recumbent. The tires on the recumbent are getting worn out, the rear brake needs to be either worked on or replaced, and I need to get some new things like a better light system. For the past couple of weeks, I've sent out emails and letters to companies of items on the wish list to see whether they might have a sponsorship program. I haven't needed to do these kind of things before and I'm concerned that I might be violating the Faith Covenant that I have been following the past seventeen years. I am not asking for money but I am asking if they might donate some of their products to my cause.

I've gotten some positive responses from a couple of the companies already.
NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems in California has offered to give me a better lighting system that I asked for. There is an offer from a company in Canada that makes bags for bicycles to send me a set or two of their panniers. These panniers might have a few production defects but they will probably be 200% better than the panniers that I have now. There are ten other companies that I am hoping to hear from.

The next update will come at the end of the month. Until, then I wish everybody who reads this good life and health.



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