TRIP 2010

Update #03 - February 05th
Americus, Georgia
00.00 miles (00.00 KM)

I have been remiss in posting something but not much has been happening especially since I am not on the road. Last week, I set down with my maps, trip logs, and Map Quest and went through the exercise of making out a route. From Americus, Georgia, I'll be heading southeast to Jacksonville, Florida and then ride around Florida to Mobile, Alabama. The reason why I am riding around Florida is to let it warm up some before I head northward.

At Mobile, I'll be leaving the Gulf of Mexico and heading northwest through Hattisburg, Mississippi to Shreveport, Lousiana. My plan is to get across the Mississippi River at Natchez, Mississippi. After Shreveport, I will be riding through Waco, Abilene, and Lubbock, Texas to Boise City, Oklahoma and then north to Pueblo, Colorado. Colorado Springs and Denver will be stopovers in Colorado. Cheyenne, Wyoming; Chadron, Nebraska; Rapid City and Pierre, South Dakota; Linton, Bismark, and Minot, North Dakota will be stopovers on my way to the Canadian Border.

I will be turning eastward somewhere near Westhope, North Dakota. My planned route will then take me basically along the Canadian Border east through International Falls, Minnesota to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My birthday will be celebrated somewhere near Roseau, Minnesota. From Duluth, Minnesota, I will be following routes that I've taken already to Bloomfield, Vermont. I am hoping to be near Standish, Michigan around the Fourth of July and Bloomfield, Vermont around August 03rd. This is if I ride six days and take Sundays off.

I am looking at getting back into Maine so I ride along some of the miles that I had missed during the last year's ride. August 12th is my target to get to Calais, Maine and then I will be starting the ride down the Eastern Seaboard. New York City should be a stopover on September 05th and Washington, D.C. a stopover on September 16th. If I keep to my planned route, I should be getting back to Americus, Georgia around October 10th. This trip should be around 9,000 miles (14,400 km) long and will take me through thirty states.

When I checked out my route with
CouchSurfing and Hospitality Club , I found out I might be able to stopover for the night in people's homes at least 140 times. This would be about two-thirds of the nights I'm out. For the rest of the nights, I'll probably be looking for places to stealth camp instead of making the effort to contact a minister to see if they would help me find a place to stay for the night. This was a major pain during last year's trip

Road ID has become another sponsor. I am really happy for this. I have always been worried about how people are going to know who I am if I ever get into a crash and I am knocked unconscious. Being that I am on a recumbent, I don't have pockets available in either my cycling pants or jersey that I can carry my wallet in . My wallet is carried in one of the packs behind the seat. If I have to be carried away in an ambulance, they will probably not go through my gear to find my wallet and my recumbent and gear will probably be taken to another location. Road ID will help me greatly with this problem. What I have now is a wristband that has a metal plate with my name on it and the city of my residence. There is information telling first responders to take off the wrist band to locate a serial and pin number on the back of the plate. When they call up a toll-free number and tap in the serial and pin number, they will get access to all of the emergency contact info and medical history that I have uploaded into my account. They can also get this information through Road ID's website.

With regards to either replacing or acquiring new gear for the upcoming trip things are basically on hold. There was an offer by a local church to sponsor me through their mission fund but I'm really not sure if this is going to happen. The last meeting that I had with the minister didn't go well last week. If something does happen with the church, it will probably not happen until after the fifteenth of this month. I am happy that a friend of mine who has a bike shop in Illinois has made an offer to help me out with some new tires and a cyclometer.

There might be another posting around Feb 19th. This will be the seventeenth anniversary on when this adventure on two-wheels had started. Until, then I wish everybody who reads this good life and health.



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