TRIP 2010

Update #06 - February 22nd
Americus, Georgia
00.00 miles (00.00 KM)

February 19th came and gone without much fanfare. There were not that many people to celebrate with. It's hard to believe that it's been seventeen years since this adventure on two wheels started. Who knows. There might be seventeen more.

I am sort of getting excited to the start of this upcoming trip. I've got a tentative route planned but I'm not going to put myself on a schedule that I would have to meet. I've tired it last year but it was hard to keep. I had to change my route several times because of the weather. I took some time making a graphic to show the route that I am going to take. This is probably going to be the closest to what I might be cycling.

Map of tentative 2010 route

The route is going to be around 9,200 miles (14,720 KM) long. I'll be cycling through 31 states and the District of Columbia. I am going to try and keep a six day ride one day off (Sunday) schedule. If I do so, I will probably not be back in Southwest Georgia until at least the second week of October.

I've got the route set up so that I can possibly stay with quite a few members of the two social hosting networks that I belong to
CouchSurfing and Hospitality Club . One of the other things that I'm going to check out is the Fellowship of International Communities. One of the things that I will probably not do is to rely on churches or ministerial associations to help me find a place to stay. If I don't have a place set up in advance, I'll probably be camping out more. I don't mind stealth camping. I like camping out more than dealing with people.

I'm getting the gear that I need for the trip slowly. I've got new lights (front and rear), a new cyclometer, a below the seat rack. New tires have been ordered and I should be getting them by the end of this week. I ordered another set of panniers and they should be coming soon also. There has been some money promised by a local church and I should be getting it within a week. I need to get a new rotor for my rear disc brake, a new disc compatible rear rack, a new pump, a new sleeping pad, and a couple other things. Hopefully, I'll have some new cycling jerseys because I'm got a possible corporate sponsorship with a company in Canada that makes cycling clothes for recumbent riders.

There is possibly going to be a couple of updates posted before I head out. Target date for heading out is Monday, March 15th.



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