TRIP 2010

Update #09 - March 24th
Cocoa Beach, Florida
461.59 miles (738.54 KM)

First update for the trip. The last nine days had it's ups and down. March 15th took me from Americus to Albany. I spent the night with a member of CouchSurfing. After having breakfast with a ministry friend who I haven't seen in a couple of years, I rode to Tifton on March 16th where I used a coupon to get a motel room. Day long rain was a problem on March 17th. I was just able to make half of what I wanted to ride. I stopped early in Pearson and through the local police a room at the local motel was donated.

March 18th, I rode from Pearson to Folkston. Through the First Baptist Church, I got connected with the owner of the Roadmaster Inn where I spent the night. March 19th was the longest day so far and I rode from Folkston, Georgia to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. I was supposed to be staying with a CouchSurfing member in the Jacksonville Beach area but they bailed out at the last minute. I rode onto Ponte Vedra Beach where I camped out behind a closed down church. On March 20th, I rode through St Augustine Beach and stopped in Ormund-by-the-Sea where I stayed with a CouchSurfing member there. Sunday, March 21st was an off day. I was supposed to be riding just to Daytona Beach but I didn't feel well so around 5 PM my CouchSurfing host in Daytona Beach came and got me. I still wasn't feeling well March 22nd so I stayed over for an extra day.

March 23rd, I felt better so I rode from Daytona Beach to Orlando where I stayed with another CouchSurfing member. I had planned to be in Orlando the night of the 22nd and all day the 23rd because I was going to go to Epcot using a voucher that I got through the "Give A Day, Get A Day" volunteering program but Disney had blocked the 23rd. That's okay because I didn't really have a good idea on how I was going to get from downtown Orlando to Epcot and back before dark.

Today, I rode from Orlando to Titusville and then on to Cocoa Beach. I'm spending the night with another CouchSurfing member. Even though I used a lot of sun screen, I'm pretty sun burnt especially on my right arm. My nose is already blistered but this is from wind burn as well as the sun. I've got to find a bike shop real soon because I'm having some problems with my crankset and headset. Both of them are a bit loose. This is from riding along the bad roads mostly in Georgia. They have rumble strips pretty clear across the shoulder of the highways.

After Cocoa Beach, I'll be making stops for the night along the East Coast of Florida in Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Fort Pierce, and Royal Palm Beach. At Royal Palm Beach, I'll be heading west across the state to Ft Myers with nightly stops in Belle Glade and La Belle. At Ft. Myers, I'll be starting my trek around the Gulf of Mexico with nightly stops in Venice, Sarasota, Gibsonton, Palm Harbor, Crystal River, Cross City, Perry, Crawfordville, Apalachicola, Mexico Beach, Panama City Beach, Fort Walton Beach, and Pensacola on April 15th.

I'll try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be April 07th.



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